Aliexpress 1 cent deals

I start this thread after found XT60 connectors at 0.01€ shipped (only for some countries)

Post here if you find others deals at 1 cent

usually their sales are not worth the time it takes to find them and play all the required games

like this one
limit 1
not sent to USA

Well, as said only for some countries and work for mine.
Obviously don’t know if and when I’ll receive them.
Just share the deal appeared automatically on the Ali main page

It should be easy just go to category, check free shipping, put max price 0.01 and then sort by lowest price.

Except “Search results are ranked based on a smart algorithm” which translates to the search engine ignoring any logical sorting and lying about the actual shipping price. :person_facepalming:

yes and the other game where a watch or whatever is listed for 3 cents

then you go to the actual listing, and find out the ad lists 5 things:

4 colors of the watch, and a WATCH BOX, which costs 3 cents - the actual watches are $50

the ‘’smart algorithm’’ makes sure you cannot find things the way you want to

and why don;t the let you ELIMINATE things from search results

you can literally type in as a search “asdasdr34534345”

and it still finds 3,000,000 results

if you type in ‘watch -automatic’, thinking it will not show automatic watches, no, what it does now is show results with EITHER ONE

(amazon does the same thing - only ebay lets you eliminate stuff you don;t want to see)


Tell me about it…

Last time I desperately needed an asdasdr34534345, I was swamped in so many useless search results that I just said “f@(% it” and gave up.

LoL, next time try type YMCA and see what happen :person_facepalming:

I purchased a few 1¢ items before, I had to jump through hoops to actually get them.
One item was an HDMI dummy device (useful for Raspberry Pis), and another was a magnetic USB Type C cable for my phone. Shipping took a lot longer than expected, even longer than usual AliExpress shipping.

they probably spent extra money storing them in a warehouse for a month before shipping


Sometimes the 1c deal are for new members only, I once tried making a new account to get a 1c usb cable and that order was cancelled for no reason.

At this point I’m really tired of AE, it is a waste of time specially when you try to find something specific and 99% of the prices are clickbait

or coupons ‘for new members only’



Google said this light is only $5.75

So maybe they lie just a little bit .

I can lie too .

Ali-express doesn't suck


Mini Spare Emergency Flashlight Key Ring Flashlight XP G2 Tiny AAA Titanium Alloy Magnet LED Flashlight WIth Waterproof Ring|LED Flashlights| - AliExpress

Received 3 pairs of XT60 plugs for 3 cents
great deal :smiley: