AliExpress coupons Grrrrrr! }(

Mmmkay so just got enough coins for a standard coupon, and saw some in this exchange coins for coupons page. Tapped over the coupon and it did nothing, it just showed the QR code scan crap and I already had the application installed. 0K, maybe I wasn't browser logged and it failed because of this.

May someone explain this a little bit further? Because I already feel like strangling them with this and all their bullsh1t€. Grrrrr! Thanks.

I read there coupons end on 12. Nov.

I think that is some sort of mistake, Lexel, but God knows. I see new red coupons appearing each hour or so.

I see a bunch of coupons in my account, but I have never been able to apply any of them to a purchase.

Just wait, I'm gonna contact customer support, and it's gonna be harsh. }(

Bufff! I got it solved, even without O:) rude names (I had a few cartridges in the :-D chamber). The standard coupons can only be exchanged in the application. However, I wasn't paying much attention to the app, first of all because I thought the coupons could be get in the exchange coins for coupons page, and later because the application's start page is so filled with ads I was ignoring it, you have to click in Coins & Coupons, then Coupon Exchange. Aaaaah!

Still, while the application has certain advantages over the browser approach (I gave a try to the product search by image/photo and it works rather well), it still is pesky because it takes hold of most AliExpress' browser links. :-|

Me too. You need to meet whatever coupon requirements. Also, coupons expire if you don't use them. Getting standard coupons ($2 over $10 minimum and $10 over $69 minimum, the ones which can be applied to the whole cart) is far from free, you need to get coins which involves time and effort, and you need the app. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Coins are almost free. Just click and add coins to your account every day. I have a reminder in Google calendar for every day 11:00. I open the app and click on the Coin & Coupons icon. Subsequently to add coins. Five seconds every day. At the time of action purchases are coins for placing goods in the cart.