Aliexpress customer service is perfect

I went to

to buy some goods that are significantly cheaper than from other places available.
I wanted to pay with Paypal but I don’t see this option.
Seller doesn’t want to break any rules and get direct payment and suggested to ask help from the customer service.
I press Help-Customer service at top of the page,
Please select your issue:
Select Payments and

I think it’s a brilliant idea. Make a website, raise unique enters to hundreds of millions a day, but leave some bugs that were common 20-years ago for websites made by students for $10. Such a feature can leave customer support not so busy, and those few customers who had the luck to contact support would be probably more satisfied with it.
I rarely leave negative feedback about Chinese marketplaces (for people from post-soviet states any deal is better than no deal), but today I’m really impressed. Wondering how such huge company with such bad IT can be alive.

Aliexpress enter level for OEM/ODM is way below other marketplaces. They provide cheap logistics and shipping discounts. Sometimes a brand is not big enough to make this on his own.
I rarely use aliexpress (~20 times in 5 years, most goods were not available from any extra supplier), and I usually ready to pay an extra 10% to a more reliable vendor, but in this case price difference is 40%.