Aliexpress Dishonest Shipping Practices

This happened to me many times:

Often, a seller would promise free shipping with China Post Registered Airmail (which has full tracking and rarely gets lost in my country). After I buy the item, he will ship using Yanwen economic airmail / other low cost options which are untraceable after leaving China (I have lost few packages this way). This has happened even after instructing them to use registered mail at the time of placing order.

I realize that I still have the purchase protection, but isn’t there a proper remedy for this? (Because filing dispute too many times for lost packages will probably blacklist me as a buyer, so I want to avoid it)

I have almost 100 orders from Aliexpress. It did not happen that a different type of shipping was used than it was for ordered goods.

A remedy? Be honest when rating the transaction, and don’t let the seller try to persuade you from doing otherwise by offering backdoor compensation. Full, factual transparency will benefit everyone and discourage that kind of behaviour from sellers.

I’m dealing with the same situation now, with a seller who shipped using Yanwen when I specified and paid for China Post. There was no mistake on my part, nor should any competent seller have made one.

I only have a couple dozen AX transactions, and of those, only a couple repeat sellers, but the last purchase I made is the first time I’ve encountered this. Good odds, but there are principles involved as well.

You guys must be lucky. Where I live, using China Post it is almost a given I won't see the parcel for over 2 months.

Twice happened to me that Gearbest sent a shipping package CHINA POST, I paid for EU shipping. I wrote to support Gearbest, and it has not been repeated since then.

idk if I’m lucky or what but I ordered a couple of expensive items and paid cheap Aliexpress shipping they gave me DHL anyway (it was a wireless hdmi but I returned it for being a dud)

I’ve always chose the cheapest but I was given full tracking for almost 30+ of my orders

After more than 100 orders now (over 2 years) I have in almost all cases received the shipping I paid for (or not paid for since shipping was free). In rare cases the shipping was better than what I paid for.

It wouldn’t be in the interest of the shipper/store if the general feedback from a destination market would mention “undelivered/refunded”.

By no means does my experience state it is fast though: Aliexpress is one of the slowest ways to shop!
Ebay international store: fastest so far
Amazon with intl storefront: medium
AE: very, very slow (3+ weeks).

BG, GB, FT are at average speed, 20-30 days.

I live in the US and I bought maybe over 100 items from Aliexpress over the last 5 years and haven’t had any issues with shipping. It is not fast but is as expected. I have had problems with some ceiling light fixtures where the glass broke inside the box but the seller gave me full refund and I tossed it away. The sellers are generally very scared of the buyers filing a dispute because Aliexpress will penalize them in some way.