Aliexpress fishing lures, are they any good?

Hey folks i bought some fishing lures from Aliexpress to try out , i am still waiting for them to arrive. So i thought i would ask if any one else has used Aliexpress soft or hard fishing lures, If so what brand did you buy and are they any good?. I have used sinkers and floaters and even fishing line from Aliexpress but never bought lures. All the things i have bought where okay in quality.

Link to the lures i bought AOrace branded

VTAVTA branded

From the picture these look decent when comparing them to lures that can be bought in Australia depending on the price.

Not sure but, for the price, I’d be willing to find out. Honestly, I have never thought of searching for fishing gear on Ali. Thank you.

when you receive them:

1. sharpen all the hooks. some are sharp, some are not.

2. put a drop of glue on the eyehooks next to the body. just a little “insurance”.

3. most likely, none will run “true”. that is not a bad thing (wounded minnow), but test first.