AliExpress not in English

Why is my AliExpress in Russian? I think.

Is there a link in the top right corner that says:

"Go to Global Site (English)" ?

If so, click that link.

Clear browser history etc and it should be good.

Been looking at dirty Russian sites? :laughing:

Yup, it is pretty annoying. Whenever some Russian members shared a ru.aliexpress link, site will register it in cookie and display Russian on subsequent visit, despite having English as preferred language.

Anyone see german when they click on the Lumintio ODF30C from their slide show on their main Aliexpress page here ?

Nope, still english.

Mine is english too but when I "click" on the ODF30C image on the slide show then the next page turns to german

For some reason when I visit AE on WiFi it will always show in Dutch by default, and on mobile data it will locate my country and show a machine translated version instead.

I hate sites that abuse cookies (and even more when there isn’t a disclaimer) and then tries to pinpoint your exact location, stealing as much user data as possible. Sometimes I even turn on VPN just for AE.

i think there is a little flag near the upper right of most pages, click that and you should get a choice