Aliexpress promotion - you can get a $2 discount for an order with a higher value as $15

Aliexpress (some people know that place, because they order a BLF Trustfire Mini there or some knives) has a promotion.

You have to collect some icon in 30 seconds. You can play once a day and the promotions ends June 4, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM PST. The coupon code you get is only active on the 5th. June.

To get 15-20 icons within 30 seconds is possible. More as 25 is a mission.

1—10 $1 coupon x 1 For orders of $5 or more
11—40 $2 coupon x 1 For orders of $15 or more
41—80 $5 coupon x 1 For orders of $30 or more
81—150 $2 coupon x 4 For orders of $15 or more
151 —500 $5 coupon x 2 For orders of $30 or more
501 and more $5 coupon x 4 For orders of $30 or more

Maybe you have something which you want from aliexpress and a small discount will be useful (you have only 1 days – a $2 isn’t a problem. But please notice the min. order value you need. If it is under $30, a $2 would more useful.

One of the rules of the game say:
However, the system contains a tracking link for you to invite others to play by clicking the tracking link log-in to the Game Page.’ system will keep track of the people who clicked this tracking link and logged-in to the game page and will free up an extra chance for you play this Game again in a day for every tracking link that a person has clicked on and logged-in to the Game Page.

Edit: Thank you :slight_smile: I don’t know, if any BLF play or a friend of mine. Now, I have more as 150icons and delete my link. Here is link without my mark.