AliExpress Seller Experience

Seller store:

Date item ordered:
Order Time: 09:55 Apr. 01 2014

Item tracking no:

Tracking status from: Results
tem No Year Status Location Destination Country Date
RC352806529CN 2014 Received by China Post Shenzhen MU 20140510 2024
RC352806529CN 2014 Export Security Scan Shenzhen MU 20140510 2337
RC352806529CN 2014 In Customs-Control warehouse Shenzhen MU 20140511 1355
RC352806529CN 2014 Export Security Scan Guangzhou MU 20140513 1246
RC352806529CN 2014 Export Security Scan Guangzhou MU 20140513 2111
RC352806529CN 2014 Export Customs Scan Guangzhou MU 20140514 1113
RC352806529CN 2014 Sent to airline Guangzhou MU 20140519 1607

Seriously. That means the guy posted the item like 40 (FORTY) days later??
What the heck. It’s my first ever aliexpress purchase and I don’t know the mechanics too well. I have 60 days to start a complaint right?

Bottom line: An avoid at all cost rating. Seriously. Unless you have 2+months patience. I hope that the item shows up until Saturday else I’m filing a complaint.

Just go ahead and file the complaint now so you don’t have to worry about it. The seller doesn’t get their money until you get your item anyway. But if you let the time lapse then they do.

They have a decent rating and have been around a while. But China Shipping being what it is there is a good chance it’s lost or delayed for one reason or another. I would just file it and save yourself the trouble of worrying anymore about it.

It’s all depend on what you ordered from Aliexpress, I usually never have problem ordering lights from them :smiley:


Yeah, I’ll wait till tonight and file a complaint then. I emailed the guy. Hopefully he responds. This is pathetic really.

Think Aliexpress Purchase Protection ends some 45(?) days from the “shipped” date. Didn’t you get an email from Aliexpress about it? Think you are amply protected, but that does not explain why the seller took so long to ship. That’s not the norm in my experience with Aliexpress.

AliExpress buyer protection.

Just wanted to update you guys on this. My item turned up yesterday. Item was good. Seller did not respond to the 3 messages I sent him.

I just kept on waiting until deadline. I don’t like to get stuff for ‘free’ even if it means waiting till the very last moment.

I want to order from them, anyone got experience?

Also this cells are PF or PD the title is confusing? :frowning:

I have had only good experiences with Aliexpress. I had never come accross scammers like on eBay. One day I came accross 6 x XML Securitying (SRK) for $17. It seemed fishy, so I didn't post it on the site.

I knew Aliexpress had a good reputation for customer disputes, so I ordered two. RaceR86 ordered one. I was curious to see what I would get. I prepared to wait three weeks for delivery, but two days later I got this message from Aliexpress.

Dear Ouchyfoot, We have suspended this seller’s account because we detected unsafe trading activities. All of your pending orders with this seller have been frozen for your security. We have asked this supplier to provide supporting evidence, such as shipping documents and qualification certificates, within 3 working days. Normally, it takes 15 calendar days to close the case.If the supplier is unable to provide the evidence or if the evidence is insufficient, we will close the order and process the refund for you. We apologize for this inconvenience. At AliExpress we are committed to ensuring you enjoy a safe shopping experience. We will continue striving to improve.Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated. Sincerely, AliExpress Trade Security Department 2014.05.19 01:10

I thought, "wow"! That was a pretty proactive action taken by AE. A couple days later I got this message.

Dear ouchyfoot
Your Order No:XXXXXXXXX has been closed because the supplier did not provide necessary evidence. The payment will be refunded to you within 7-10 working days.

AliExpress strives to continuously improve our trading environment. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

AliExpress Trade Security Department

2014.05.22 01:12

So there you go. I was saved from a scammer by Aliexpress, and I didn't have to do anything.

Good to know, now i’m debating if i should order, i’m in a big hurry, but when you think about shipping tiems its like 2 weeks advantage (period in which resitrctions may lift) and i will have better price, with tracking.

Also the link i posted, is confusing, its PD/PF in the title, what this cells are actually PD or PF i wonder…

My advice is only to buy from someone who has sold some items :slight_smile:

So for them battery resiriction is not problem?

I will order from this seller, they got many cells sold.

Couldn’t resist, and ordered…:slight_smile:

I'm also looking to buy batteries from Ali and found a store that does ship to my location (which is surprise due to all the restrictions). So I placed an order and I know I got caught up in their national holliday but it's already 6 days into "The supplier is processing your order" - is it normal? Store is Liitokala charger factory, in case someone had experience with them.

Whenever something ships from China I just picture the item either being stuck in the notorious bumper-to-bumper traffic or plodding its way in a rickshaw.

Looks like they are selling PF and trying to say these are newer / better then PD. Having the PD number in the title helps to get people who were searching for that.
The do have PD charts without any PF charts tho.