Aliexpress Spring Festival deal..

Review/teardown of similar headlamp here. I would say its a good headlamp considering the price and XM-L2.

Here is triple emitter "HD2010". 25,33$. If I remember correctly, heatsinking in this light is crappy. Which is why its not popular (?) But for people who are into a little bit of "mechanical modding" I would guess there is a lot of potential..

Single emitter of the Yupard 5 XM-L light. Im not sure if the heatsinking is bad in this light too (like the 5 XM-L version with no pill). But again.. Interesting host for modding... Might need some mechanical work.. 23,72$

3 Emitter headlamp (with different beam profiles), 24,91$

Hmm . . . looks really similar to the SkyRay S4 reviewed here. That one requires cycling through all modes to turn it off.


Thanks Garry, I knew there was one like it reviewed before, but couldn’t remember what brand/model it was.
Think I will pass on this one after re-reading the review.
That’s why I love this site, saves us all money and frustration.

I am going to order both the Yupard’s listed in some previous posts, for $11.48 for the pair, WTH.


interesting flashlights I’ve seen:

for the womens :bigsmile:

TR-J18 for 40.78$

diving flashlight XM-L T6 for 14.88$

dqg 26650 $36 here.

That seller has some nice prices on Shadow and other lights.

that single light look like Smallsun ZY-T20
I think it’s the same light that I bought from Old-Lumens, he modified it with MT-G2 :smiley:
here’s the post( I think it’s the same light except the name ) SOLD - Modified Small Sun ZY-T20 - MT-G2 at 9 amps - CONUS ONLY

yeah I have one of that triple light” HD2010” yep… the beam out put was meh… :Sp made mistake by hooking extra tube for it, and then the driver dead :frowning: , so I bought another driver this time I have to use 2 tubes ( it can take 3 tubes) and it is brighter especially with resistor mod to the new driver… but unfortunately it’s not ETC ( easy to carry ) anymore :bigsmile:

I have one of that headlamp too… as usual the output is so-so, but nothing a little resistor mod at the battery box can’t fix :wink:
but I didn’t boost it too much as I don’t want extra heat on top of my forehead :bigsmile:

I bought the DQG 26650 from BTU flashlights seller (CNQG) and the united palight ms600 from the same seller listed in OP. They were purchased and shipped about a week ago, so if any one is interested I can report back in about a week on the MS600 seeing as there is enough info on the DQG and that seller.

This is in the description pics.

I’m interested in palight MS600 but still debating if I should pull the trigger or not… :~

I have some, they are not direct copper. Still have their uses. They also need to be lapped as the bottoms are not the flattest around.

There are some differences between the ZY-T20 and the Boruit (/Yupard single emitter).

I just got some pictures from Ouchyfoot showing the little screw in pill is pretty much completely hollow under large mcpcb in the Boruit (/Yupard single emitter) I linked too. Mod host.. :) And its a really cheap mod host when looking at many of its rivals...

just wondering anybody else spent over $100 on Aliexpress today?
just can’t seem to control myself over sub $15 for XM-L2 lights :smiley:
still have 2 coupons left… :weary:

I spent about $120.
Got a couple Nitefighter lights and some drivers and parts.

I spent over $50. 20 XP-G2’s and 10 XM-L2’s. I had a $5 coupon from the games earlier in the week.

I spent more last time they had this deal. More like $150 bucks.

SRK . $22.00

EDIT:: oops oops missed the shipping i guess

$21 shipping though.

$5 off $25 coupon NOW! 325save5 [limited coupons]
Products have to be purchase from same store.

This looks interesting. About 30cts more.

  • $21 shipping…

nice find :slight_smile: