AliExpress store " Shop outdoor light Store " - a warning.

Just a heads up to be careful with " Shop outdoor light Store " on AliExpress. They’ve got a decent feedback rating of 97.1% so I thought it would be a safe place to purchase a Manker light. I placed the order back on 16th Jan and received a tracking number that wouldn’t update, but that’s happened with some other orders- so I wasn’t too concerned.

Then a couple of days ago I noticed the order had been cancelled so contacted the store to ask why. I haven’t had any response from them. Then a day later this notification from AliExpress appeared:


To ensure the security of your funds, this order has been closed and refunded due to an invalid tracking number provided by the seller. Your refund will be received within 3-20 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and the seller will be warned according to platform regulation.

So either they did do something shonky or else the flashlight is in the mail and may arrive? I did receive the refund from AliExpress. Sadly the place still has a 97.1% rating- which gives the appearance of them being a reputable store, yet this supposedly has happened. (I’ve got no way of leaving feedback as the transaction has been closed.)

Ordered a Manker E02ii from “Shop Outdoor Light Store” on 11/Dec/2022, arrived some time in mid-Jan.

Turned out the manker store would have been cheaper by a couple of dollars, but oh well.

I’ve also had a bad experience with them. I bought a Manker E05 that was advertised as having the updated UI, but received the original version with the truly despicable UI.
Not enough money involved to cause a fuss (and I think they count in that), but certainly dishonest on their part. They’re on my “avoid” list. ‘Fool me once’, etc. etc.

My order still may turn up, but the seller not responding to my message suggests that AliExpress was right. I’ll update the thread if it does arrive. In my case they were cheaper than the Manker AliExpress shop and I thought it was a safe place to buy from with the high feedback score.

You could have raised the issue with AliExpress. I’ve found they’re pretty good with sorting out problems. I’ve got one flashlight parts supplier on there I’ll never buy from again- for poor service after a P60 drop in failed. It’s a bit stupid on their part really as they’ve lost repeat sales to me.

It might be helpful if you edit your first post to include a link to the store. Not so people can buy from them, but to get a visual and “see” which store it is, exactly. There are so many name variations that can all start to sound the same. Sometimes the words are simply rearranged or numbers will be different…not sure but it seems like even caps might matter sometimes. Lots of these “stores” are fly by night one man operations and they deliberately try to make their ali stores look like others’. We used to see that a lot with all the Nitecore shops and I guess there are plenty of Convoy ones, too.

“Super Outdoor flashlight store” might sound like a silly comparison but in the sea of stores it wouldn’t be far fetched to get that confused with the one you listed or a half dozen others. (I just ordered from this store, btw, legit Skilhunt dealer, and they were fantastic…parcel was even exquisitely packed and wrapped in tape (so neatly, too) like they actually cared.)

Except the name is different! :wink:

That’s the big thing, there are many similar names on AliExpress, but if it’s exactly the same name as I’ve listed Shop Outdoor Light Store you’ve found the one.

PS: Google can find it- if you’re that interested in seeing the store. I’m not linking it directly in case it does give them more sales they don’t necessarily deserve. And I will update the post in the off chance what I ordered does turn up. It’s only fair that I do that (or delete the whole thread) should that occur.