Aliexpress Super Deals

I just ordered one of these yesterday.

It requires a 65W USB-C PD power supply:

G3061 PD65W Mini Hot Plate Digital Soldering Preheating Rework Station PCB SMD Board Soldering Plate Heating Table Repair Tools

If I hadn’t I probably would have snagged one.

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I have one of these and its okay the top plate is not solid its just a PCB covered in Aluminum i think so be careful if you spill solder on it. Its only got 2 buttons to control everything which is a pain, feature wise its okay its using PID so you can set a up a ramp mode with different parameters. I think its great and for the price but i have seen the mechanic hotplate that runs of AC its a bit bigger and is only $22 USD.

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The one I’m using now isn’t adjustable, it’s 20mm x 30mm 230°C and was like $2.50.
It works great but I’d love the ability to adjust the temperature.

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I might buy the Mechanix one to try, this one is looking a bit worn i have done a bunch of LEDs with it, but not a crazy amount.

I don’t have a 65w PD charger inside i have to use my partners laptop cord lol. I do have a 65w PD charger hooked up to my Solar/ Battery in the garage its a car charger.

This thing hates tweezers.

Overall besides the top being soft its decent it does well with triples and quads and even some bigger 30-32mm boards after that it gets a bit tricky, not enough power but for the price its great. When you add the cost of the PD charger it easily doubles the price. I tried to run it from a battery pack that does 22.5w max not enough power to heat it, you need 45+ watts preferably 65 watts.
I run my Pinecile from the battery bank all the time its great, i should get a 65w battery bank.

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I have a 65W USB-C Laptop charger which can do up to 3.25A 20V so I think I’ll be ok.

I’ve done several D4Sv2 MCPCBs with my current 20mm × 30mm hotplate without issue.

Is this the Mechanix hotplate you intend to try?

Yea that is the one i will link it below, for me its a similar price to what i paid for the above hotplate when i bought it it cost me 27 AUD without a power supply. I bought mine from Ebay as prices where similar.

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I need to buy a hot plate as well and am looking at the Mechaniker you have.

What material is that blue top surface? Does it resist solder and flux? Is it easy to clean? Any comments on this would be helpful.


Sweeter deal for new account at cheaper price

AU$17.70 for Black & AU$15.55 for Green

one flashlight per new account. Really good price


Only 5 pieces left so be fast

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I can’t find much coverage of this “BT90” light but I believe this is the same as the “XIWANGFIRE” branded one I received last week. I paid $15 for that on Super Deals and this “TianYi” for $11 looks identical. I think they’re both made by Alonefire.

Anyway, if this is the same as what I have, this is an amazing light for the price:

  • Definitely a thrower. I measured 260,000 cd. Roughly 50mm reflector. Out-throws my most throwy C8+.
  • The LED is cool and the tint is not green. Some faint rings to the beam.
  • Build quality seems fine.
  • UI is ok. 2C to turbo from off or on. 1C from off to memorized mode. Hold for low, medium, high, low, etc. cycle. Only thing I don’t like about the UI is from off, holding gets you strobe (wish it was moonlight instead).

Here it is. Should be $11-something without battery. If not, check back later.{"ship_from"%3A"CN"%2C"sku_id"%3A"12000037797481194"}&scm=1007.28480.379202.0&scm-url=1007.28480.379202.0&scm_id=1007.28480.379202.0&pdp_npi=4%40dis!USD!US%20%2435.41!US%20%2411.64!!!256.57!84.35!%402101ef7017188979655818826e5688!12000037797481194!gsd!US!4210454967!&channel=sd&aecmd=true&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa

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£8.71 | Colorful flashlight 14500 flashlight Lumintop Tool AA 3.0 900 Lumens 127 meters EDC mini pocket flashlight with magnetic tail

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Hm, for me the needle stops at €14.24. Just my luck.

It’s back to £8.71.

Showing as £11.79 for me for the light only

This isn’t a Super Deal per se, just a random gadget that popped up in the Choice feed…

…but it did pique my curiosity. Does anyone have one of these little wi-fi weather station clocks, and tales to share about it?

Might be a fun little cheap knickknack, as long as it doesn’t surreptitiously join a botnet.

There’s also a version with an illuminated translucent case, and one fashioned to look like pixie tube, with a lighted base.

There is no way in hell I would install that thing on my home network. The risk is too high, the reward is too low.

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£8.61 | Sofirn-SC13 SST40 LED 1300lm Mini Tactical 18350 Keychain Flashlight 6000K

£14.65 | Sofirn SC28 XHP50B HD LED 2800Lm Type-C Rechargeable Flashlight Protable Powerful 21700 Torch EDC Flash Light IPX8 for Camping

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£11.05| MATEMINCO A1S SFT40 LED Flashlight 2200LM 711M 6500K Stepless Dimming USB-C Rechargeable 21700 Battery IPX6 Waterproof EDC Torch

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I’d put it on an isolated network, but refrained from accumulating any more gadgets.

But it’s been harder to resist some other stuff, since AX Choice now means that those items can arrive inside of a week for me. A far cry from the old days.

Another cheap deal Sofirn LT1S for new account.

i couldn’t resist so i got another purchase by creating new account.

Note that u only see this price once u log in with new account.

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