Alkaline battery leak.

This is a 2 x AA Mini Maglite that has been sitting, forgotten about, in a drawer for a few years.
I had to use 2 pipe grips to open the tail, and look at the mess inside :open_mouth:

where’s the battery ? :slight_smile: the spring looks fine though, no corrosion.

:smiley: I think the battery might be below all that debris, but it might have disintegrated :smiley:
Yeah, i think the spring is ok. I’ll have to try and clean the body out :slight_smile: I’ll keep this one to myself so the person who bought it for me as a Christmas gift doesn’t find out :bigsmile:

Mmm.....yummy. Scrape what you can out of it and serve over fava beans and enjoy with a nice Chianti :P

(Or...cut it in half and make a micro-mag, probably a bit easier on the digestive tract.)

I think you might be onto something with the micro mag. I really liked your triple.


Yesterday my wife asked me to fix her 'Swiffer' electric floor mop thingy . Of course the first thing I checked were the batteries . Sure enough , one of the four Duracells had leaked and the subsequent goo had completely eliminated one of the contact points by covering it with corrosion . I dremeled off the offending gunk and -Voila ! - fixed .

I wish the good lithium primaries weren't so expensive .

Good to hear you managed to fix it. Yeah, it’s a shame the lithium’s are too expensive for normal use.
I opened up a Maglite solitaire, expecting a leaked battery, but was very surprised to find a 2008 AAA that hadnt leaked.

Leakers have ruined 2 remotes 1 mini mag a logitech mouse and almost my fluke meter no more duracells for me
They did pay for one of the remotes

All were within the dates on the batteries

I don’t use them at all anymore. I ruined both lights and electronics from them. Never again!

duracels suck.

Well, what cells do you guys recommend for remotes? Lithium primaries?

I bought some fake Duracells once. They were from a big name shop here in Ireland, but they must have either known they were fake, and sold them anyway, or they were sold fakes and didn’t know it.
I noticed myself when I had a second look after leaving the shop, but I needed them badly for some test equipment ASAP, so didn’t bring them back.
Needless to say, they didn’t last long.

only use nimh in remotes

I exclusively use Duraloops for anything that takes AA or AAA batteries.

Why? and how long do they last?
In my household we’ve only ever been using alkalines, but they seem to last a few years without leakages.

If you send the torch back to MagLite they’ll repair or replace it.

Their warranty states if they are Duracell, Eveready or Ray-oVac then they’ll replace the flashlight free of charge. If the batteries are something else then a Mini Mag will cost you $8. Full details here:

Wow, thanks for that.
I wonder what they will think of the gouge in the paintwork form my pipe grips |(

I see for the C and D sized Mag’s they charge $12 for off-brand batteries (which is probably what I used since that’s all my wife buys). To replace a 2-D, BF special flashlight that only cost $15 to start, it’s not worth it, IMHO.

Pretty much this. Alkalines in all my remote controllers and never had a leakage yet…

Only eneloops for me.