ALL GONE original Mini-Mag led modules that are free for the cost of shipping. USA Only



I have 12 of these that are pulls from 2AA Mini-Mag mods. They have not been used. If you want any, they are free, but you pay shipping. CONUS ONLY.

First Class should be fairly low, less than $3 bucks.

Post in this thread and tell me how many you are wanting, so we don't end up with people not realizing and asking for more than there are.

PM me as well.


if it’s interchangeable with the older models [incandescent]. Thanks for your generosity!

Can you toss one in with the flashlight you are sending me on Monday?

Not interchangeable that I know of. I don’t think it would work without modding something. I have never tried that though.


That's 11 left

I would like 2 if $3 covers 2. If not, I would like one.

Thanks Old! I’ll take 2 if $5 will cover shipping. Good luck with the 12-up build.

I am in for 3 modules. PM to follow.

This guy says that they fit loosely.

I’ll take one.

Ok, that's 9 left

OK, that's 7 left

OK, that’s 4 left


With the other PM's I now have none left. Thanks everyone.


oldlumens (insert the @ sign here) is the paypal address.

Those LED’s look like Cree XP-C, but I didn’t think Mag ever used XP-C’s, just XP-E. Can you confirm? I know the modules are gone, I’m just interested.

They look like XP-E to me.

Looks like only one bonding wire in the middle. From what I can tell, Mag had an XP-E version at one point with 69 lumens of output, but the 77 lumen version has an XP-C. That’s odd because typically the XP-C wouldn’t be as bright, but it could be they are driving it harder.

You’re right, I didn’t catch the single bond wire. That’s one tiny die. Would make an interesting thrower if it could be driven enough.

XP-E as far as I know. I think XP-E was what Mag went to after the luxeon.

Edit:Foot in Mouth What do I know, XP-C