All My Lights

Here's my lights still waiting on 6 more to show up.

W. O. W

Very nice :-)

Must take a long time to line them all up, or do you have them trained??????????????

Yes it did, =) Then one fell, pick it up and knock over another..I wish I had a cool display cabinet.

Very Nice collection you have there......

Nice collection !

I'm afraid to line mine up - the wife might find out how many lights are actually in the house.

Check Craigslist or your local paper for business closings, or fixture sales. I've recently seen some great cabinets for sale cheaply.

Thanks for the heads up on that Chicago X, My wife left me almost 2 years ago so it's all good here =)

The part I start thinking about is how much money I have right there.....

Your newest one is left side back, correct? That thing is HUGE!!!

You know, you need more flashlights.

I feel like my 27 constitutes none about now. I use maybe 5 of them.

Yep...It is HUGE!!! =)

Rusty Joe,

I know what you mean, and then you grab one that you haven't used in a long time and forgot how cool it's like a new light again.

Sorry to hear. Flashlights are cheaper than wives anyway.

Here's a nice case for $25:


I don't have the HID yet it's on it's way. I think your talking about the Keygos.

Looks like an Olight, but i could be wrong.

Back Row starting from left to right:

SR90,MP-P1, Catapult V3,Crelant 7G5,SkyRay STL-V2, FandyFire STL-V6, TrustFire TR-3T6,JB-BC-40,Keygos KE-1600,Keygos KE-7, Palight -WF-1200L, Kobalt 500L, TK41,Brinyte XM-L900,TrustFire Z1, SolarForce L2x, Palight-BG-8014A, SolarForce Skyline-1,UniqueFire HS-801, SolarForce L2r, KD-RQ, Conqueror MX-008, TrustFire C8-T6, ET-P20A2 MKII, ET-T20C2 MKII, P-Rocket.

That will make 67 counting the other 6 not shown.

You got a super nice collection Rick. That's one of the better collections of nice lights I have seen. And the King of lights is awesome. The SR90 is my dream light.

Thank you for all the nice things you said ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS, and everyone else. It's not that often you get them all out at the same time you have to share the moment...:)

Nice collection rikr!

Instead of a display cabinet, you need a room!

Geez! Do you at least use more than 5 regularly? I know i do not. I have like half of that in numbers. Currently selling my most unused lights. It kind of seem appropriate.