All sold out: ReyLight Custom,Lumintop Tool AAA Copper. (Driver available)

I think the whole point is it is a quality clicky AAA which are a rare breed…

There are already a few copper AAA twisty lights around like the Maratac etc. Plus the worm is already available in copper. The tool was a limited run which can’t be bought now.

Perfect body as is.
I am interested in one.
Nichia is a plus, I prefer 2 modes, but 3 is ok for me.

I AM LOVE THE LOOK :heart_eyes:

I love the Tool, I have one as my back-up light (with LuxeonQ).

I would love one in copper as well, and I'm all for this very design.


It has an issue: for mere civilians this is of none importance, but for a BLF-edition IMO crucial: in this type of switch the internal spring is part of the current-path: apply more than 3A current and the spring collapses: switch=dead. This has prevented me from hotrodding my Tool, which is ok, but this copper version screams for 10440 and direct driving a Nichia 219C (4+amps).

And here's the problem with chinese budget lights: they still use the same parts that have been around for a decade, a high current switch that fits the Tool probably can not be sourced, and there's no developement of very simple and cheap but newly designed parts (switches, springs, drivers) that follow the high current requirement of modern leds.

Want one…

Love my tool with 10440.

Let’s get this congo line going.

I’m in!

I’d take a copper worm and a copper tool. :party:

Definitely in for this. OK with whatever changes…if changes are even necessary. Changes cans sometime cause problems…or so I have heard :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks beautiful, this video sold me. I’m in.

Leave it exactly as is, No changes, No drama.

Less protruding switch would be nice, otherwise I’ll take it!

I like it as it is. What will be the engraving? Will it be ReyLight? :slight_smile:

I would like a higher current switch (see post #23), but would also like to change the UI:

*I prefer low-med-high instead of the stock med-low-high (but there's as many opinions as people on this subject)

*The pwm on the stock Tool is terribly low, that should go up to at least 4kHz.

*And of course the low should be lower, as usual.

And if the led would be the Nichia 219C that would be fantastic (I prefer the 4000K 83CRI, but I'm happy with 5000K 83CRI as well)

I posted my interest on the other board, but will also post here as I am very interested in this.

I’m in. For me a moonlight mode is a must have.

Nice, I will be in for at least one, probably two. I prefer warm/neutral tints, Nichia is always welcome.

The rubber switch, It could be metallic?

I would be interested in one IF it looks exactly like this…

If it’s changed from this, no thank you.

I’d like to buy one of these, how do I go about it?

Rey will add you to the list. Once we get enough for the good price and his version is ready he will provide us with the info. ;)