All sold out: ReyLight Custom,Lumintop Tool AAA Copper. (Driver available)

All sold out!


All the emails has been sent, if you don't get it, pls ask me to send again, my email is: Pls whitelist it.

BTY, it's still available to order, I have about 30pcs extra.


Some news good, some bad: 1. Group buy goes on, 2. Driver availabe, 3. Shippment delayed.

The time line is a little too tight, the production is not going very well. Orders can't be shipped in the 1st or 2nd week as we planned.

In this case, I asked them to make a new batch of bodies, with custom logo, and some extra drivers available.

Estimated shippment will be in the 3rd or 4th week of December.

Driver is 6$/pc, limited to 50pcs only, it's now only available for the people who are already in the group buy. You can find my paypal in the earlier PM.



Last day of Group Buy. Will count and place the order to factory by end of the day.

Will ask if they could provide some extra drivers.


Nichia has arrived HongKong, and will be transported to Lumin on Monday.

The new firmware is ready, and we need to confirm the order qty, then flash the drivers,assemble and shipping.

Counting will end within Nov. Will order a few more extras. Estimated shipping will be in 1st week of Dec. Most of you can get it before Xmas.

Lumintop Tool AAA copper. (Without custom logo)

Nichia 219B 4500K,91CRI, with the newest none PWM driver. 1-20-100%. highest 85 Lumens (0.5 is too low to happen)

You can paypal to: ******

In case of any package missing, the none-tracking price is not available now.

**$ shipped by a faster HK/SG post,etc.

Please PM me for price.




Lumintop finally finished their orders and spared the time for us. Copper bodies in the warehouse, and Nichia is on the way to HongKong, arrives on 18th.

I asked them to use a stock Tool to change the firmware and LED, with BLF and/or ReyLight engraved.

In this case, it's very promising to arrive you before Xmas.

Thanks for the waiting.

P.S: Remember the poll of modes? 3 modes won, 0.5-20-100%.


ReyLight Copper AAA.

It will be based on Lumintop Tool AAA. Maybe the first Clicky AAA? There was a copper version of it, limited run though. Here a few pics.

Some thoughts:

1.Nichia 219B/C. (C might be very hard to source,It Might Increase the Price a little bit.)


Suggestion and advice are very welcomed.

P.S: The other forum has a thread about this light, some people showed interest. Ours will be a special one other than a stock.

Do we need some design changing on the body?







How about entire light got the same size?

All same diameter, and all way knurling?

Looks good, but if I drop it in the plumbing department… I will never find it!

Only thing I can think of is to extend the switch “ears” enough to tailstand…

What kind of clip would this have?

I like the wasp waist on this, keep the body shapely… makes for a fine way to hold it between the fingers…

Like this one (borrow this picture from the)

Actually that one is, well, that one… the shape on this helps make this one what it is…

LOL he did ask for opinions… Can-o-worms that statement turns into, doesn’t it?

Copper can’t be as thin as SS can. That’s why the ends (where the threads are) are bigger on the maratac. To make the whole body the same diameter, you would need to make the middle wider.

Personally I like it as is. I would be in for at least 2 if it looks like the photos.

The only thing that looks “off” to me is how much the switch sticks out. But sometimes it’s good to stick with a proven design. Saves time and frustration.

+1 Looks great.

You changed avatar again.

:heart_eyes: Copper :heart_eyes:

I would happily pay more for the 219C, but I’m in for 219B too.

I’m in, design as it’s now.

I’m interested.

I’m in for 1 if it keeps the Tool shape…and at least 2 if you can source 4500k high-CRI as an option!

This would be perfect with Richards 10/12mm single sided FET driver.

I’m in, design as it is now and if it stays at about the price mentioned.

It's perfect as is! That thing is a little gem. I'm in for at least one, maybe two of them. Being an AAA 1.5v only light I don't see much gained with a 219C over a 219B. It's only good for 100-110 lumens as is. Driven that low I think a 219B is not only less expensive and easier to source but satisfactory in performance, too.

As shown in pics, I'm interested in at least 1. I like the current design.

For me, std boost driver, NiMH, 3-mode would be fine but others may want 10440 rockets.

AAA clickys are a rare breed - forward clicky for momentary?

Rey I’d very much prefer a copper Lumintop Worm, smaller and cuter.