BLF Special Edition Lights - Master List

Hello BLFers and curious lurkers,

This post intends to serve as a comprehensive index of the BLF Special Edition lights this forums has produced as well as upcoming Special Edition projects that seem promising. It lists those rare lights that only exist due to the efforts of this community - lights that are designed or modified by BLF members and produced through their efforts, either by working with a manufacturer or even by their own hand in quantities > 1ish, not one-off custom lights. To that goal, it is incomplete! If you see errors or missing information, please let me know. This chart will only be made complete by the efforts of the community.




Eastward YJ J609


Out of Production

The “BLF light that never happened”…then it did. More info here and here



Out of Production

AA/14500 tube light with custom modes

BLF Tank007


Out of Production

E07 with neutral emitter and 3 modes



Out of Production

Small ss penlight with tint selection & BLF logo

E1320 BLF UF-2100


Out of Production

UF-2100 with custom 5-mode driver. Review and more info here.

BLF Mini


Out of Production

Trustfire Mini-01 with 1kHz pwm, nw, mode order l-m-h 2–25–100%

Trustfire A8 BLF


Out of Production

A8 with current bump, faster pwm

ThruNite Saber 1A BLF


Out of Production

Cheaper? Not really sure if this light had any upgrades except the logo

BLF Mini v2


Out of Production

Trustfire Mini-02 with 1kHz pwm, 2 tints, l-m-h 2–30–100%

BLF CQG S1/2/3 mk2


Out of Production

SS penlights with choice of tint, clips and individualized engraving

Starry Light SA-22 BLF Ed


Out of Production

NW emitter, better modes, faster PWM

Lumintop BLF SD10


Out of Production

Current bump, better moonlight, several tint choices



Out of Production

EagleEye X6, XM-L2 on copper, increased current with custom modes

18sixfifty BLF 502B


Probably still available. PM 18sixfifty for details.

UF 502B host with BLF label and various guts. I’ve linked the first thread of many.

Rey BLF Ti


Out of Production

Custom Titanium 1x18350/18650 tube light host with trit slots.

Rey BLF X6 Ti


Out of Production

Very limited production full titanium X6 host



Available to the public now. (Goes in and out of stock often)

Manker A6, XP-L on copper, custom FET+1 driver with custom firmware

RoMiSen BLF UV Special


Out of Production

365/400nm 2xUV in RoMiSen SS host



Out of Production

1xAAA SS clicky penlight with Nichia 219b

M24 Sniper BLF-TE


Out of Production

Maxtoch M24 with XP-L HI, current bump, better modes

ReyLight Copper AAA


Out of Production

Lumintop Cu AAA tail clicky, Nichia 219b, custom 3-mode driver

LuckySun BLF D80-SE


Out of Production

LuckySun D80 with current bump, better modes, XM-L2 on DTP copper

Kronos X6 & X5 Sets - Cu/SS or Al


Sold out, but you may find the Astrolux version on Banggood.

Upgraded X6-SE in Cu/SS (or Al) + Brand New X5 in Cu (or Al)

Astrolux A01


Available to the public now.

Custom colors, including copper with a blf logo and modified tail

ReyLight Titanium AAA


Available to the public now.

Lumintop Ti AAA clicky, Nichia 219b, custom 3-mode driver, custom engraving

Old-Lumen Lights Triple 50


Out of Production

Short run custom 3x XHP50 on FET in a 2D Maglite host.

ReyLight Pineapple & Ti Lan


Available to the public now.

A solid brass or ti AA/14500 light with high-CRI 219c and moonlight.

VOB Ultimate EDC


Out of Production

USA-made solid brass, 14500 triple edc light.



Available to the public now.

A BLF worthy SRK-style monster flooder



Available to the public now.

Monster XHP35 HI thrower with 120mm reflector, 8x18650. 1+MCD throw!



Available to the public now.

The Giggle Monster. An XHP-70.2 version of the GT. 7500 lm, 1500 m throw.

Sofirn AAA Yuji


Out of Production

A bombproof AAA twisty with Very-HCri Yuji 5mm LED.

Sofirn C01S


Out of Production

A small AAA twisty with SST20, L-H driver and clear ano.



Available now.

A small, elegant, edc-style triple light with tail e-switch.

WildTrail (LuckySun) BLF-D80 v2


Available now.

New D80 with several improvements, FET-based driver, emitter choices and a no-ano option.



Available now.

SRK-based lantern with long runtime, variable tint mixing, great cri, reduced glare, etc.

BLF UC4 Charger


In the development phase. Taking input.

A top end, fully programmable charger with all the bells ’n whistles.

BLF Edition SP10S


In the development phase. Taking input.

Upgraded Sofirn SP10S with Anduril and ano options.

BLF/WildTrail Tactical


In the development phase. Taking input.

18650/21700 dual-switch “tactical” flashlight with sophisticated firmware.



In the development phase. Taking input.

A micro version of the LT1 lantern.

Always check each light’s thread for the latest status or info!

A few explanations:

  • The name of the light links to the build thread or other discussion thread about the light. Full details about the build can be found there, including ordering information.

  • The date field lists the actual release date of the light. This is the time when the light actually became available to purchase. In most cases there were many months of work leading up to that time. All those details can be found in the build threads, if you’re curious. There are two “special” dates used:

    • SOON: These are projects that have a finished design, have met their minimum purchase commitments, and have moved into production. Barring some unforeseen complication, these lights are going to be made. Your chance to get your hands on one of these lights may be rapidly slipping away.

    • WIP: These are projects that are still in the design phase and/or are still trying to fill their minimum purchase commitments, but they’re active projects that look promising. Drop by these threads and see if you can help out. They need you!

Again, please let me know if see something that needs correcting or adding. Thanks in advance!

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Hey emarkd :bigsmile:
Good idea putting this list together, Will be a useful tool i imagine. Just one thing, the Romisen link you’ve got up goes to the A6 thread. Here’s the correct url for the Romisen. (gb=closed) Only 50 lights were delivered and sent out, *BLF special* Romisen 365/400nm 2xUV SSflashlight, gb with Tinywind


-KK :face_with_monocle:

I’ve got a couple from years ago. Mr.lite made us a BLF edition found here:

and tank007 made an e07 BLF special edition found here:

As far as I know, these were the ‘original’ special editions. As you can see from the years of the threads, they are classics, but they hold a spot in my heart. Times were simpler back then it seems.

Reference: GB Interest ///OFFICIALLY CLOSED 11/8 @ 9pm CST/Maxtoch M24 Sniper with XP-L HI /// 250K lux @ 4.3 Amps!!!

GB Maxtoch M24 Sniper. Still undecided on whether this will be “Special Edition” or “Thrower Edition”.

BLF Trustfire A8
BLF Thrunite Saber 1A

Hey Kane, thanks for the catch! Copy/paste fail.

Awesome, thanks! Great BLF history from way before my time.

Yeah, I can’t believe I forgot that one last night. Thanks!

Nice, thanks!

I’ve got my original updated with all these new lights. Thanks everyone for helping me with this. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere else, its helping me learn some of the history around here, and I really appreciate it.

Excellent thread, thanks for this!

Rey BLF-Ti
Rey X6 Ti
BLF lumintop SD10

Lumintop BLF SD10

I think that there was the original/earlier SD10 and now Rey is working on the “new” SD10 GB:

I missed the 1st one but am waiting for the new one…

Great thread! Watching with interest.

Great shopping list you have there :smiley:

Impressive list of lights! :exmark:

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help and the support. I’ll get my original post edited with the extra lights this afternoon.

Yeah, I’d love to have a full set. I’m sure there are old-timers around here who do. I’ve only got one BLF light at the moment, the original X6-SE, but I’m on the list for all of the ongoing group buys and I’m in an ongoing negotiation with someone for another BLF light. So yeah, if anyone has any of these older BLF lights and wants to part with them, I may be interested. :slight_smile:

Was there a Starry Light or somesuch?

ah yes, good memory!

There as also the trustfire mini 1, mini 2, and possibly mini 3. Here were put together by Rey before and after the TF A8

There was also a CNQG 2*AAA stainless steel penlight and single AAA stainless penlights.

I have some mini 01’s and forgot about them.

Custom info on the BLF Trustfire mini-01: 1000Hz pwm, mode order l-m-h 2%-25%-100%