Astrolux/BLF Copper A01 BLF Edition CODE NOW PUBLIC. $20 Solid Copper AAA!!!

The V1 has lower Vf, that’s right. I stacked a 105C driver for a theoretical current of 5.08A (hooked up to a triple of V1’s) and measured exactly that, with long and thin DMM probes. Gives 1300 OTF lumen with protected cells and even 1200 lumen when cells are nearly depleted. CCT is something that’s related to the binning, 219B’s and 219B-V1’s are available in all kinds of different color bins. The 219C uses another binning system, but let’s focus on the B and B-V1. The highest spec’ed 219B in terms of CRI is R85, where 85 is the minimum CRI. R9050 spec came with the B-V1, meaning minimum CRI of 90 and minimum R9-value of 50, that’s the value that represents saturated red. So with the B-V1 R9050 color rendering should be considerably better, especially for red color tones.

I believe, from looking at the thread specs, the Astrolux A01 is simply the 4000K version of the same 219B-V1 as is in the BLF 348, which is a 5000K LED.

So if you get a BLF 348 and an Astrolux A01, you can have the same emitter in 4000K and 5000K…

That’s what I was trying to say, I’m quite sure it is.

Yeah, and if you want that emitter in 5700K, thus coolwhite high CRI R9050 spec, you can get one of the 5700K rated Jaxman lights with Nichia emitter at fasttech, or get the 4000K ones if you prefer that. That way you can have a lot more lumens, because those are 18650 lights.

Thanks, I thought so… I just wanted to make sure myself by re-reading the other thread.

It is a real nice tint to me at 4000K….

Yep, I also like that 4000K emitter. I prefer both the 4000K and the 5700K over the 5000K with the Nichia V1’s.

Is the Nichia in the ReyLight and Lumintop Tool also similar?:



If those numbers are correct, then yes, it would be the same as the Reylight and the Tool. I do not have either of those though, so I am relying on the description you posted.

I’ll toss in my hat for 1x Orange and 1x Copper please.

Interested in copper one.

Cool! I just ordered a Astrolux A01 (4000K), to go along with my upcoming orders of the BLF348 (5000K). I love Nichia 219’s! They’re not as bright or efficient as Crees, but for small lights they’re great. I have no idea if the GB for the Astrolux is still on, but as was earlier mentioned, the current BG price isn’t much different than the GB was.

Yes it is still on, and the main difference is if a new attachment point can be brought to life. The possibility of a copper and a stainless steel version is afloat as well…

The stock ones with the code are still a great light, so do not wait if you want one…

I just got in my other two I ordered after I gave away the other ones I received for a review. They look great and seem to be the same quality of the ones sent for review. Still an impressive little light.

Put me on the list for a copper please!

ReManG was right about raising the price. Bangood now has it listed at 11.95

I’m in for a copper one!

2x solid copper please

Sign me up for a copper a red and an orange one please, thanks :slight_smile:

Heh, how about that! I just got in my order last week for the cheaper price. I think I’d still have ordered at the $11.95 price, but it’s nice to get it a couple bucks cheaper.

I will check when I am home, but pretty sure the code still works for this light!

The code in OP works.

Thanks antiparanoico! I am on my phone and the BG site said I had to log in first, and I did not have my password on me…