All sold, thanks BLF!

Hello BLF, I need to make some room on my shelf (not cause I physically need the room but if I wanna keep the wife happy I better not amass to many more lights than I have now lol). All of these lights are heavily modded but it’s been a bit since I’ve used any of them so my specs are all from notes, not memory, so feel free to ask questions but what’s listed is what I know.

$OLD Sinner gen 1/0 Aluminum triple, one of the very first lights he ever turned! Mtn17 FET+1, Bistro, Luxeon V2 5000k’s on MtnE V2 triple MCPCB behind a 10511 protected by AR glass. Brand new judco 10A tail switch. 2563Lm
$60 shipped. On the previous 4 lights I’d like to sell them as-is but on the Sinner I would be willing to rebuild it to spec, I could swap to any 3535 emitters and alter FW or even the whole driver to please (I was thinking of putting a TA 3ch driver in it so that’s definitely a possibility)

$OLD Lumintop SD10 BLF edition. 3ch TA 22mm driver (1+8+FET), Anduril FW, XL-P HI, I believe it’s a 5700k (I know I had purchased some 5700k’s from Richard but I didnt make note of the exact tint bin I put in this light). Includes a 32650 to 26650 and 32650 to 18650 cell adapter as well as the good aluminum 4AA carrier converted to 4S in order to still run off AA NiMH’s even with the FET driver! ~1600Lm, 54,540Cd
$45 shipped in the original box with everything.

$OLD JAX Z1. MtnE 22mm FET+1, Bistro. Old [good] XP-G2 S4 2B on noctigon soldered to the pill. Gchart lighted tail w/ battery monitoring (LED’s shut down when voltage falls to ~3v). 191,700Cd
$32 shipped

$OLD-SolarStorm SC02-. Custom FET+1, Anduril, LH351D S6 (5000k 90CRI) on sinkPAD, diffuser film on the inside of the glass so it doesn’t get dirty / scratched. 1619Lm
$28 shipped

Original Zeusray. HQ10D driver (1+9 7135), Bistro, SST-20 CW on noctigon, extensive tail cap mods to make it up to par (stock plastic junk replaced with brass press in retainer ring and necessary parts). 27.540Cd
$15 shipped

Edit I believe all pics are showing (and even of the correct lights) now! Thanks for being so easy to navigate Imgur!

interested in JAX Z1 but shipping to belgium prob kills it. What’s the the color temp of that LED?

XP-G2 S4 2B is spec’d as 5700-6000K however with the dedome I’d say it’s more around 5000k-5250K. Very very clean chemical dedome, no silicone scraps left over creating artifacts and zero die damage! Probably the cleanest die projection of any aspheric I’ve ever seen.

I have no problem with shipping international, if it were say a S2+ or similar size tube light I already know I could get it there for $12US but with the larger size and weight from the heavy glass lens and brass pill it could be closer to $20US, if you’re still interested PM me your shipping info and I’ll get a real quote for ya!

PM send
I had to look up Gchart booster tail w/ battery monitoring, did you modded this light recently? Only hit I got on BLF is a thread started by Gchart just a year ago.

The Z1 was built July 12th of 2017 however just a few months ago Gchart and I swapped some cool modding parts and this Z1 was the most suitable choice I had for the lighted tail parts.

PM responded to with shipping quote.

I’ll take the Z1 if dekozn does not.

I just paid the man but for $60 plus shipping it’s yours. Just send me your shipping info and once I get the light I’ll test it and send it your way…… NOT. It’s the first zoomy/zoomie(?) in my collection (damn I didn’t want to start a collection :person_facepalming: ) so… I’m (not) so sorry to be the first on this gem.

Thanks anyway dekozn….I do not want it that bad. :wink:

Idk man, an original Z1 that’s now well traveled. dekozn let me know the moment it gets there so I can buy it back from you.

I mean I can build lights but I can’t personally take them to the other side of the world and back. This thing will have started in China, came to Ohio, went to Europe and then back, that’s definitely gotta be worth money!

No prob, do I ship via Africa or Oceania?

It surely would have a lot of travel miles under it’s belt. :beer:

CK pm sent

Replied and sold, thank you sir.

Z1 and SC02 sold and I’ve gifted the Zeusray. I would be willing to change the emitter in the SD10 for a buyer, same as I had mentioned on the Sinner.

PM sent on sd10.

SD10 sold. Sinner remains for sale, for now.

Thanks guys!

Huh? I missed out on these great lights. My fault for not lurking the boards more often.

BTW, Do or will you have an updated Titanium Version you made? Thanks.

Sent you a pm. Let me know the tracking so i can set an alert. My postman is an idiot

Got the sinner. I see the differences in the new models compared to this one. You really squished the LEDs in there. On low, a few inches from the wall, the beam is a triangle. Nifty. It’s nice and floody at a distance. Tint is perfect. The switch is so stiff I can barely activate it with my busted thumb. I’ll have to click it a few million times to break it in. It definitely won’t come on accidentally in my pocket. I don’t know if I have it on any of my other 400 lights.
I’m looking forward to dealing with you in the future. Your skills have me tickled to death on this upgraded sinner. Thanks.

2 things: what’s the firmware on it in case i want to program modes and how can I polish the tailcap so it matches the body better?

I received the JAX just before I left on holiday. I played with on my holiday and I’m really liking. Just have to figure out Bistro a bit more. BTW thank you very much for making it $25 on paper, I forgot to ask and just tought about it after you send it. It was nice dealing with you.