Almost had the perfect shot...

My daughter and I were setting up to take a few pictures of the full buck moon tonight. As we were making some adjustments a plane flew right through the shot. If only we’d had half a second more to focus :cry: Oh well, at least she thinks it’s the coolest picture ever.

Nice shot. If you had more time it may well of turned out not as good. :slight_smile:

Cool pic i have taken a few pics of the moon what zoom are you using?


Well, what you see here is an extremely complicated and expensive setup. If I explained it you probably wouldn’t understand. And, it takes 2 people to properly setup and use. I’ll attempt to explain in layman’s terms. You take a Galaxy S5 and hold it up to a Harbor Freight spotting scope while another individual focuses the scope.

My Olympus SLR had a completely dead battery, so we tried the above setup instead. Besides the very crappy pic above, it actually took some very nice pictures.

Great to see that ET has upgraded from a bicycle!

Hahaha I have a megazoom point and shoot crappy set up. I know nothing about photography and apparently putting a sentence together lol.


It looks like Sharknado!!!

Back a few years when we had the super moon, I tried to get a video of it with my small video camera. No aircraft just some clouds.

Very cool pic

Cool Pic! I like your technique….

Nice shot!!!

Want more focus? … maybe break out photoshop and add detail!