Aloft Hobbies Feedback

Picked up some 26800 batteries and a couple chargers from them.

Free shipping over $80 (fair.)

Batteries were $8 each (more than fair.)

Batteries are excellent. Arrived individually wrapped.

Shipping was above average fast.

Packing was again above average.

The included candy bar was also excellent.

I would definitely recommend them.

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They and Liion Wholesale always seem to include candy. As long as it’s not poisoned (and it hasn’t been so far) I like this policy.

Do you eat the mail candy? What’s the consensus on this? Who eats the mail candy? I’ve been thinking about this ever since I got my 26800s.

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any. A lot of online stores I used to order edibles and such from (legal, Canada) would put regular candy in the box. Never ate it. The infused mail candy, ya no problem, I’ll eat that. The normal mail candy…Dont trust it.

Yes, I’ve eaten Reese’s peanut butter cups from both Liion Wholesale and Aloft Hobbies several times. No poison (or if there is, it’s REALLY slow-acting.) There could be nanobots, but I don’t have the equipment to detect them.

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Ive ordered several times from Aloft Hobbies with excellent results. Communication, price, expediency and quality have always been outstanding.

As for the free candy, I always wipe off the poisonous powder. Then I pick out the broken glass and razor blades before eating them. They are delicious and should never go to waste!

That’s coming in the next Opple update I heard.

Question tho. but I’m paying for international shipping, import fees, tax, etc. You think any of that is going towards the candy? Must be a factor right? Sometimes? Shipping is already more $$ than the whole order. What’s the candy add on? I can get a piece of candy here.

I have also received “mail candy” from AloftHobbies and have eaten it. Hell, it’s from California. At least I know I won’t get cancer :smiley:

(one would also assume the poison would negatively impact the potential for repeat business)

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I got a rock.