Alphabet Soup

Newbie here. Where can I find a glossary of all the alphabet abbreviations designating battery types? IMR’s vs NCRA vs NCRB etc.
Battery University is a great tool, but I don’t seem to find glossary or explanation of sub-types of batteries. I don’t know where to look for this info.

Unfortunately I don’t know of a glossary like that.

for battery chemistries such as IMR, ICR, INR, etc you can try googling with the abbreviation and “chemistry,” but I know that doesn’t always give great results (having just tried it ;)).

Try this for chemistries, noting that LiFe is a much more common abbreviation than IFR:

NCRA and NCRB are people shortening Panasonic’s nomenclature for two of their cells, NCR18650A and NCR18650B. The B is simply the newer, higher capacity, version. Troll around HKJ’s website for more information on cells -

Thanks for the leads! HKJ’s website looks like what I need.