AlpsWolf K63 Rechargeable Flashlight

Hi Folks…I’m sure those of you that purchased this $14.65 Amazon deal recently will know this 26650 flashlight.
I decided to not use the protected 26650 paralleled battery that came with it. I had a concern about having a brain
laps and forgetting it’s actually a parallel battery configuration, 4.20v and accidently using two 26650 cells in series
and something bad happening. I don’t know how bad burning up the driver would be, but I don’t want to find out.

So I opted to use one of my 26650 cells, a EnerPower 4500mAh cell. To complete the
connection, adding a 26650 sleeve and a dummy 18650 from Solarforce, I believe I’ve
made my flashlight dummy-proof now, or at least much safer.

Reading at the tail cap seems to be the same as before 2.85amps - 2.95amps on HIGH mode. So I’m happy.