Also looking for a driver for 6v emitters, but

I am also looking for a driver for MT-G2 emitters but as I have been studying driver a bit and as I am not trying to make a blaster thrower, I am looking for more efficiency, less heat and run time and (I think it is called ramping) .
So do we have in the bowels of “oshpark” or other “secret” BLF dungeon a “current controlled, Buck with no (perceivable) PWN that has smooth ramping up and down? looking for 4+ to 6 amps at the emitter max range driven from 3S cells.
My understanding is that the “go to drivers” are liner or direct drive with a zener mods”.
I found this thread, I can almost follow it, but not really.

Oshpark Projects

Post your MT-G2 driver results here.

I am aware of these three postes but I am failing to find what I am looking for,


I think we’re still at the stage of using an Attiny to impose our will on existing buck drivers.