Alternative use thread

Does BLF have a thread showing / discussing alternative and creative use of appliances, gadget, tools etc.? For instance using a computer fan as insects repellent as shown here

I don’t think we do. That’s a funny way to use a pc fan. I use one to blow away soldering fumes from my face.
And I use the abresive side of a sponge for fine wood sanding (first thing i could think of :smiley: )
(the green side)

Using two SS nails to (un)fasten a retaining ring beats buying needle nosed pliers.
Me and others have said that before, but a lot of people seem to be keen on buying stuff.

When you’re dealing with a short bezel that won’t come off.
Use the (soft) sole of a shoe to press the light on, grab the body with two hands, and turn.
Works always, unless it’s glued so tight you need a blowtorch.

I use 4 sides nail file spons like this to sharpen my knives.
It has four different sandpaper grit which is ideal for most quick sharpening task.

i get funny looks from customers about the fork on my magnetic tool holder.
oh thats a clusterfork.
for pulling pointers from instrument clusters.

I LOL in your general direction.

I have magnets scavenged from hard drives doing all sorts of stuff (beside erasing credit cards).
Some are holding covers together on home made cases for stuff.
Some are just like yours, stuck to stuff, to stick other stuff to it.

Computer fans, the possibilities are endless.
Got one as a blower for the BBQ grill. A few 18650 pulls for the power.

As long as enough Hot Glue is involved - Nothing is impossible.
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y’all already posted two of my favorites about the hard-drive magnets and nail files.

here are two more:

1. using an old mouse pad as a pot holder.
2. and that same pad can be the backing for some super-fine grit sandpaper to sharpen knives.
with pressure, the pad deforms in just the “right way” to provide a great angle for the paper to work.