Am I drunk? Or has CPF bumped BUDGET LIGHTS up in the heirarchy?

Maybe it's has been like this for a while, but I just noticed that budget lights has its own heading under the flashlights category on CPF.

General Flashlight Discussion (42 Viewing)
LED Flashlights (79 Viewing)
Budget Lights
Incandescent Flashlights (15 Viewing)
Headlamps (17 Viewing)

And no, that wasn't a cut and paste typo on my part... there was nobody viewing the budget lights. Hmmph.

So did I just not notice the change? I remembered it as a sub-heading under led lights.

They are closing the barn door after the horses have left.

Too little, too late.

Your right, it now has it's own category. I wonder if you still need to be a logged in member to view it?

Just noticed as well today :


i still prefer to post my 10cents here.

Still need to log in to view ... Was just there , ... obviously there not serious ...

I saw on Flashlight Wiki that the darkside had a budget section. I was allowed access no problem but.. there hadn't been a single posting, apparently not in it's whole history.

It looked as if they were Making A Statement, but maybe it's empty because still too new. Or it's a trap, and a sadistic mod has an itchy finger hovering over the Ban Button..

When I saw this thread I thought I'd take another look but access denied now. Strange, because I can view most other sections no prob.

new heading + old mods = still no go.

It has been updated recently to have it’s own spot under the “Flashlights” section of the forum.

I was over there yesterday and they had a civil thread going about XTAR 18700's. Included a reference to BLF and nobody bashed budget batteries (yet). There was a little misunderstanding, but it got patched up. Nice change from the usual, though no guarantee that it hasn't gone south by now or won't soon.

As for promoting their budget light forum, I agree it is too little, too late. There is absolutely no reason to post over there when you will get way better responses here (and can post links to what you are talking about). Their idea of budget light seems to consist almost entirely of Solarforce.

I agree, there is absolutely no reason to go to the Budget Forum at CPF. It is just dead.
The other forums have some usefulness on occassion but the Budget Forum is like a ghost town and as was mentioned only about Solarforce.

So...this begs the question, when do BLF starts a non budget section of forums so we can do without CPF altogether ?

It just depends on what your Budget is....

I notice that the other site has lots of guys who spend tons of money on flashlights, and yet...

They have tons of threads about the flashlights having problems that lead to long threads about how to fix them by spending tons more money.

We have all that, but with tons LESS money *smiles*

So can we call the non budget light section OVER PRICED FLASHLIGHTS ?

Its completely unnecessary. Just talk about whatever lights you want and no one HERE is going to beat you over the head because of its price. Some of us like higher priced lights, we just like to get the most for our money and refuse to be brainwashed. :slight_smile:

well said

HAHAHA Komichi, u made my day ! thanks :-) !

Just brilliant! :bigsmile:

Don't know guys 'n' gals. Maybe the expensive lights section should be called, "If You Have to Ask!" or something?

Paid 80 bucks for a Fenix TK15 as my first gun light (before I found this place), and all I can say is, "DOH!"

Now, I have lots 'n' lots of budget lights, some good, some utter rubbish (with a face only a mother could love), but enjoy them all, thanks to BLF.

+1 I agree 100%.