Am I the only one who has to have duplicates of everything?

I recently realized that when i buy something i always get extra. I have two power stations, two powerbanks, 3 snow shovels (3 different types), two tablets and so forth.
I don’t feel right unless i have a backup.

The only thing i don’t have doubles of is flashlights.
Though i did originally buy two Convoy M1s and Convoy S2s (sold them last year).
Though i have about 20ish flashlights so there is plenty of overlap.

Of course i do have more batteries than lights.

I guess i have inadvertently been following the mantra of 2 is 1 and 1 is none but it was not intentional.
Anyone else?

I have a number of duplicates as well.

I don't have a lot of flashlight duplicates, but I have other types of duplicates.

It seems like if I really like a certain product, there's a good chance that it'll get discontinued, so I sometimes buy a backup.

I don't know how, but manufacturers know that I really like their product, so they intentionally discontinue it so I can't buy it later!

Me opposite. Half of buys.
After some thinking the other half was not needed.
Better for storage space and wallet.

Yep, same here.

^ Absolutely this in my case too.

A bit off topic, but I get most of my food at the grocery store, and it seems like if I really like a specific food, it'll get discontinued.

(I get a fair amount of processed foods like TV dinners, snacks, and frozen pizzas.)

The grocery store Aldi is notorious for having great food one week, and then not having that same food again for months, or ever again.

I have multiple on the same Emisars!

If I like a light , I will get multiple. If I like it and it comes in multiple colors, I may get several colors.

My reasoning, if it becomes discontinued, and I love it, I made the best choice. If I end up hating it, then off to ebay it goes.

Still have 2x Q8, one thorfire XPL HD, one sofirn XPL HI, new in box. Seemed like a good idea at the time to get spares.

For lights and chargers that I really like/use, I will usually get at least one extra. For exceptional lights and chargers, I might even get a third one!

Reason being that eventually the items will be discontinued and replacements (if necessary) will no longer become available.

Hell, if the Mormons can have multiple wives, we can have multiple lights.

Three is two.

Two is one.

One is none.

MrsSillen sees it differently. Have as many lights as you want but only one MrsSillen.

I’m pretty bad for having duplicates too. I usually buy one, try it, and if I really like it I order another immediately.
There are some lights I can’t imagine being without, and I get a bit paranoid about losing an ‘only one’.

If you’ve lived long enough you’ve learned that things break, go missing, or inexplicably disappear from a product line. If you like a tool and purchasing a backup isn’t a financial burden then there’s no harm in this approach. I’m sure someone could find a spin on how it’s harming the world but they are able to find negativity in everything.

I’m posting this to help justify buying a backup Nitecore TIP SE. I put some 219s in mine and it’s a joy to use. Long press for low, beautiful 219 output. I file the switches down and have no problem with accidental activations.

Between my wife & I we have 9 motorcycles. And a moped. Do they count?

Seriously though, the only light I've bought more than one of has been the YLP Panda 2M CRI headlight. I liked the first one so much I bought two more. Doing so was mostly out of concern (a legitimate one it turns out) that they might become NLA considering YLP's home country. I have towsies of a couple of other lights just to get colors I wanted.


We have a winner! Nice foresight!!

If you buy two and the product gets discontinued, you still aren’t going to get another after the second one goes tits up or you lose it or something. Buying two just incase they quit making it is weird logic to me. Buying multiplies of something that your are getting a super good deal on so you can share with family and friends is a different story but buying them just to hoard up is unsettling.

Its rare for me to get 2 of exact same thing. I have back ups but slightly different usually. In order to justify keeping as a ‘collection’

I only get backups like that if i really love the item. Like i have maybe 6 EC65 which are now discontinued so it worked out.

I own five S21Ds with exactly the same configuration.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.