Amazing Resonance Experiment

For those who are into frequencies.

Very cool . Thanks for sharing .

Incredibly cool!

That is really awesome. Check this one out, pretty cool as well:


I have an algorithm I used to program on various computers with early forms of 3D graphics, usually in assembly language, that numerically simulates a wave. A vertical position and velocity is stored for each point, and the velocity updated according to the curvature. That is, the differences between each point and its four nearest neighbors are right shifted a few times or multiplied by a small number and then added to the corresponding velocity. Then the velocity is added to the position, in another loop.
The graphics is also very simple. There are three digital to analogue converters. One goes to the vertical input of an X-Y oscilloscope, and the other two are mixed by two potentiometers with the output going to the horizontal. Deepening on the impedance, either the X axis is fixed and the Y projected, or the figure is rotated around the Z axis. Before digital electronics became fast enough to do live rotations, this was the best way to visualize 3D computer output.

This seems familiar, I remember as a kid seeing our only Reasearch Machines 380Z making beautiful patterns (albeit a bit strobe-like) to various tones. Written in machine code and probably stored on the Winchester drive :slight_smile:

That video has been around for a while and makes me think of Nikola Tesla’s work with mechanical oscillators before his death every time I see it.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Nice video :-) I enjoyed that!

That. Was. Amazing.
Thanks so much for sharing!

So cool!


Sweet, check this one out

Ever watch that Keanu reeves movie Chain Reaction about the laser frequency in the water tank, and those brown gas fuel booster plates…I always wanted to experiment with those frequencies, pulsating dc to the plates, frequency where water molecules start vibrating and heating is 2.4~Ghz…wonder if harmonic frequencies of water could cause the molecules to vibrate and come apart easier…thus actually “split” the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules easier and use less power…