Amazon Basics NiMH has Rust and Corrosion?


Took out this one from wireless mouse and noticed white stain on its negative terminal. It happened so that it’s label was torn slightly so I pulled it a bit to reveal corrosion and what seems to be rust?

Battery tester with no resistance shows 1.24v
Battery tester with slight resistance shows 1.12v

What is with the battery?

FYI; there are 2 kinds of these; the older ones made in Japan and the one you have, made in china.


All still work fine.

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Am I seeing that right? 2012? Thats 11 years old.

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Is this typical for batteries that are 11 years old or it’s because they are made in China? By the way in reviews at that time people said it’s rebranded eneloop made in China for Amazon…


Is it bad for health? Does it produce fumes?

Yes; It can; get rid of it.

Even NIMH batteries can be dangerous.


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What happened to those eneloops?

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While experimenting with a AA to D converter; I installed them wrong,
Always wear protective equipment when experimenting.

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Is this something that normally happens to eneloops when you install them wrong?

No; this was an experiment with a D cell camping shower; I’m not sure what happened, my guess is that I got something bass akwards.

Then I guess I don’t need to fear this will happen to my rusty Amazon Basics since I don’t experiment and most of the time they lie in storage. What’s the worst that can happen to them barring the outcome of what you have shown in that photo? They will stop working?

I personally do not use or store any batteries that are damaged in any way.

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