amazon basics?

Anyone have an opinion on these? they looked interesting

Never tried them but look at the first review.

I’d just find a deal on enloops.

I still dont get why people always make it so complicated to buy AA rechargeables. I mean, 8 Eneloops are 17.90$ for you on, thats 1.80$ or 0.22$ per cell more..

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everyone buy a set of Eneloops and be done with it. the subject.

geesh ray

Costco has great prices on Eneloops, it is 20 dollars for 10.

I got some Amazon Basics AAA's. They seem fine. I wanted them quickly and didn't need LSD. If you have the time and don't need LSD, the batteries from Battery Junction cost much less.

+1 !!!

Really, stop looking for something cheaper/better. Buy from Costco if you can, I'm not a member anymore, but I have a friend who is and he always buys eneloops for me when they are on sale. This last time we split the buy. If you can't do Costco, Amazon will back up purchases so you don't need to worry about fakes.

Eneloops have been tested to death, they work as advertised, there's no angst over 'is it real?' or 'do you think these are any good?'. You can find plenty of batteries for under $2 per cell, but they cost more in the long run. Remember, the $2 spent on an Eneloop can be spread over hundreds and hundreds of uses. You won't get the same performance from any other brand in my experience (and lots of others here on BLF!).

What about ordering from Walmart. The store pickup offerings are all with charger but they should be genuine, right?

I have a dozen or so black wrapped Amazonian Basics… They were gifted and work fine. No problems so far.

But for me, I just buy Eneloops from Costco just like all said up above… Genuine and no problems! Plus great prices when on sale…

You want these:*AC_UL160_SR139%2C160*&refRID=0FB1B27M2MVVD9BX69A2

They are as good (or better becuase these are 2400mAh and the eneloops are only 2000mAh).