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That Prince sold out fast I guess. I was wanting to grab that. Nice sale it was. Thanks Fin.

FYI, these are good for 2100 cycles, not 2100 mAh. :slight_smile:

They’re 1900 mAh.

B01 looks to have the wrong link (goes to the prince)

Thanks, corrected.

I dont understand what is indicated in the description - "2000mAh type, 1900mAh min" )))

:beer: corrected

I think they mean 1900mAh minimum, 2000mAh typical.
All the ones I’ve owned are about 1900.

I ordered the B01. I didn’t have a good bike light.

Thanks for the heads up.

Almost ordered the HL18, but am not fond of cold tints.

MM6 was a no-brainer for that price. Got one.. nightmare UI but bright as hell in turbo. Lots of nice strobe modes for dog walking.

Looks like tint is around 7K. Too cool for me, or else I would have considered it for a bike light.

It would be good for a daytime strobe if you could figure out how to mount it to the handlebar.

I ended up grabbing the Nichia version for $6 more dollars, annihilates the Samsung 30q I have in it, other than that it’s a beast, a beautiful buttery rosie tinted beast.

The Niwalker MM6X you have listed for $26 only gives me a $20 discount off of $65, so down to $45. Is the $26 deal no longer valid?

Can I get the code for...

(Upgraded) RovyVon Aurora A3 650 Lm EDC Mini Keychain $ 28.45 ( 76% OFF )?


Today $ 29.95 ( 70% OFF ) without code