Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

I actually checked those (like I need another light…), and even worse, aside from 1 entry for crappy lanterns, 8 entries, like 4 and 4, for the exact same 2 lights, the one you pointed out and one Dustbuster light.


For what it worth I purchased one of these with a Vipon coupon about 8 hours ago.

Works well in a metal shelf cabinet.

Not working for me. Amazon says “The promotional code you entered is for an offer that has not yet begun”
But I don’t mind. I buy too many Vipon deals I don’t even need :smiley:

Same here.

Just picked up these Ear Buds — a little over $18 with the extra coupon on Amazon

Just ordered those earbuds, thanks. I’ve had pretty good luck with cheap earphones on Vipon. The ones I don’t like get gifted to my grandsons. They are not nearly as picky as me :smiley:

I also just got those ear buds thanks for the tip and link, much appreciated.

I got the jump starter just now too, looks good for traveling which I’ll be doing . Thanks for the info

That must be a Thing us grandpas do —- I give my grandkids plenty of these lights/etc that don’t make the cut

I have those ear buds. They’re tiny but the sound quality is acceptable and battery life is good. The charging case is bulky for pockets but it doubles as charger for your phone. Totally worth it.

Is there a code for the earbuds?

Lumintop GT Micro is $26 after 35% clickable coupon. Amz US.

Oh, crap. That was CW, or at least that’s what popped up first.

Would’ve tried the NW (10bux more) then cancelled the CW, but the coupon was good only once.

Oh, well.

can you use protected 14500’s with GTmicro?

Unno. Don’t see why not.

I only have protected ones in that size dont wanna buy more batteries if the length is an issue

Thanks Peg! Just ordered one.

The NW option was the GT Mini not included on the coupon

Yeah, when you hover over the 2 boxes, it’s “GT MICRO” on the left, “neutral white” on the right. Before I tried the one on the right, I thought the diffs might have been micro vs mini (hence the 10buk difference).

And they’re glued tight, no easy way to swap LEDs?

Good deal for collecting and comparing:

Maglite Mini Incandescent 2-Cell AA Flashlight, Black

$3 and no rush credits!