Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

Thanks, been meaning to buy one of those. Perfect timing as we head into winter.

Ordered the car jump starter... Thanx!

Done, tnx!

Funny, but just yesterday I realised I hadn’t started my other car in about a month, and with the cold wx I’d better get on it to charge up the battery. Sure enough, I go outside, get into the car, and noticed even the interior lights were dim. Cranked it, got a coupla clicks and the whole dashboard flashing in sync. Gah! One more crank’n’hold, and B’harni knows it cranked one kick at a time, and it caught! Let it fast-idle, holding at about 2500rpm for 10min or so, and it started right up today no problem.

Gawd, I love Buicks… :laughing:

Had it not started up last night, that would’ve meant dragging out the cables, parking alongside, jumping the beastie out in the pouring rain… nah, done deal, I’m getting one of those jumper-packs Just In Case.

Rockpals 300W inverter is back at Vipon

Here is a code if anyone wants it JUFV-BEJ5NM-T47WAD
For those new to Vipon, the code is probably a one time use code so the one I posted here will only work for the first person to use it at Amazon check out. I just posted it here because those inverter discout codes usually go quick.

Got one. Good to have a back up for my CPAP anyway.
Thanks TexasToasted
$89.99 is not bad

I got one a while back, when they first popped up on Vipon. I tested it overnight on my CPAP and it had plenty of juice left the next morning.

You plugged your CPAP into the 110V outlet? They say using the 12V outlet is more efficient, butt requires an adaptor. (which they just happen to sell :money_mouth_face: )

I wanted to test the inverter so I used the AC output.

Lucky I can use an adapter that I also got from amazon for less than half of ROCKPALS adaptor :laughing:

Received mine about a week ago and did some quick testings:

-Surprisingly compact and lightweight!

-AC input is very inefficient and it takes about 400Wh to charge a 280Wh unit. It also heats up more than a decent 70W AC-DC adapter should.

-As expected “12V” outlet is just a direct wiring of the battery. At full charge you get 12.6V but it goes down to 8.8V, this means at half charge (3.5V per cell) most of your 12V devices should have the low voltage protection kicked in. I can’t hear a sound when it activates and there is also residual charge when turned off so I’m guessing solid state relays or some sort of FET based switching.

-It doesn’t show the power reading of any of the output or input except for the AC output.

-I have no way to fully test it but the supposedly pure sine wave output managed to charge a very picky laptop which refused to charge with a “modified sine wave” source. Probably was square wave.

-USB outputs are ok, they don’t have fancy functions like voltage compensation or smart coding output, but I don’t plan to use it as a powerbank either.

-Flashlight is decent. No blue/purple tint, just a generic ~150lm cw led per side. Simple 1 click on/off with hidden sos.

-Performed fine with a heavy load: my hair dryer at max fan and lowest heat setting draws exactly 304W and it worked just fine for about 5 minutes.

-Powered a ~85W floor fan for about 3 hours. Roughly 85% AC output efficiency.

I’m yet to test it with DC and solar input but so far I’m pleased with the performance for the price I paid. However I would expect more for the full price $240.

I had thought about modding the LEDs to a nice warm tint, but I have a few little USB powered LED strip lights that I like, and it’s easier to just plug them in.

Thrunite Ti3 Ti XP-L CW

$19.95 - $4 = $15.95

There’s other Thrunite lights on sale right now

Bought a Rofis R1 adjustable-head flashlight (16340, XM-L2, 5000k, neutral white, magnetic charging) today, with battery, for $36 (about 40% off) from SkyBenTrade on Amazon

I believe some of the other models are on sale also

I tried to visit Rofis’s website, only to encounter a grey screen with a message about their web hosting account being suspended. Not sure what to make of that.

I ordered the R2 the other day from them. Very nice light but awful LED in mine. Really bad tint shift. I ordered an R1 in the hopes that it’s better. Either way, I’m planning to break in my new soldering station and hotplate on these.

Bought one of these balancing chargers for my battery packs —2amp discharge is why I got it

Also RTIC coolers is running a big sale on hard coolers —- Today only use the code “FLASH25” for 25% off their already sale price

Got the “Lukasa Portable Generator Power Station 26800mAh Battery Pack CPAP Battery Pack, Home Camping Emergency Power Supply”, $120.99 -> $48.40 (expired deal).
I had some use-or-lose Medical FSA money, so this is a “CPAP UPS”.

When I opened the package, I could hear the batteries clunk in the unit as I pulled it from the box. It was shipped 3/4 charged (3 of 4 bars), and everything works fine. If I had paid $120, I’d be pissed. I’m not convinced it’s worth $50. I will open it up and secure the battery pack. It’s nice that it has 12V in and out, and 120 V out (100W max).

Oh yeah, it makes an impractical but long-lived flashlight - H, L, Strobe, COB. Just guessing, but 30-100 days of high?

There's a number of new cheap flashlights that look like this on Vipon/Amazon:

The one pictured above has been marked down to $3.29 and runs on an 18650.

My Rofis R1 arrived with multiple electronic gremlins, a battery with 0 volts (protection tripped? ) and a green LED. :confounded:

I returned it to Amazon for a refund.

Anyone notice that most vipon deals recently are garbage? Tried magnets, molle pouches, even those clothes bags you vacuum the air out… all garbage. None of the deals worked. Zero.

Some just came up “this code cannot be applied… blah blah” outright, others showed, say, 34bux down to 17bux, you save 50%, but now the regular price is 19.95, so they jacked up the prices for a coupon and now it’s back down to regular but the code no longer applies either, not even for a stinking 3bux.


Yep, it's pretty rare when Vipon has a good flashlight deal, but that doesn't stop me from checking everyday.