Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

That guy is funny.
Good to know how to make the driver single mode. :+1:

Say, if anyone is looking for a Brynite B158, they’re very much available on ALiExpress:


They’re just not called Brynite anymore, apparently.


Even the B158B is out there:



Hm, I bought some Skywolfeye 18650 lights a few years back and found them very lightweight, thin metal, kind of fragile.
How does the current batch feel for hand weight/sturdiness?

They have so many different models with their name on it, you’ll have to be more specific.

I found one for a better price:


€ 4.07 + 0.49 shipping.

Elsewhere on BLF, someone posted about a deal on a zoomie:

Did anyone catch this yet? A big long 2-cell zoomie. I swear they’re targeting their ads based on something they know about me ….

Price: US$15.99


I see quite a few good looking lights made by cheapo brands lately.
Xanes in particular.
This is of course a fake XHP 70 though, but could be replaced by a real XHP50 (and the LED PCB too).

Yes I purchased one. Pretty sure the led is a fake. But its still not bad for the price. It is very mod-able.
One very good cheap zoomie is the Haikelite HT35 with the XHP35HD led from Banggood for $39.99 us. with code: BGRA from finn17.

I have the HT35 XHP-35 HD CW and I love it, my favorite right now. Mostly use it on low with wide spread. Using the Shockli 26650 IMR 5500mAh from Mountial Electronics.


Thanks, I just ordered this beauty for €3 shipped.

Might be fun to mod into 14500 high cri if the host is somewhat OK…

Seems like you’re right, it is a Fresnel lens!
Do you say that it is not a good choice due to the artifacts created or some other reason?

BTW, the T28 Artemis review is here: “REVIEW”: Brinyte T28 Artemis – Hunting Flashlight – 21700 - Zoomable (Fresnel) – G/W/R - Rotary Switch [Pic Heavy] .


Agro or anyone else with zoomie obsession needed here! Detective work…

I found a small gem of zoomie flashlights host!

It is no name zoomie or no OEM zoomie light with 850nm emitter.

Small review of a host

Simple dissembling job; pill went out without any issues. Aluminum pill with retaining driver ring and build in o ring that enables flashlight head sliding… Pill design is fantastic! No soldering job is needed. Pill has aluminum driver retaining ring. But however it does not have led mcpcb retaining ring so it requires gluing method or adding simple small screws(if someone prefers thermal paste underneath of mcpcb).

Driver is toss in a trash thing… So just toss it in a trash… Simple linear current AMC7135 style driver or mosfet should fit fine. 17mm one of course.
Driver pill cavity is 11,6mm - 3,3mm(retaining ring) for total of 8,3mm of usable 17mm driver cavity. So if someone would like to place buck driver it could be questionable… Take measures first.

Switch is reverse clicky omten style of a switch. Te be more precise it is KAN 28! Another big plus!
It has 23mm diameter acrylic lens inside (usable convex part is 21mm). On top of the lens there is O ring which is pressed via front bezel.

It has exposed tail cap tube threads which is not that good because of safety reasons.With anodized threads we can lock out tail cap of our zoomie lights to prevent accidentally turning on while battery is in the light(uniquefire 1503,1504 for example has anodized threads so we can use that safety feature).

Build quality is very good… Tube, anodizing, knurling, lightweight… Fantastic! But however on mine light somebody forgot to put tail cap O ring although it has cavity for O ring.

The most interesting thing: Shortest head walk(or zoom action) I ever seen! Only 3mm! Very useful and solid reflector light feel with minimum, unnoticeable “head walk”.

I need detectives to find me(find us) manufacturer of this flashlight or cheaper cree LED or bare host version of this light.

I ordered from ali here:

But I also seen it on ebay(several selers) here:

I immediately modded it with vcsel 850nm laser diode(10min job) and it works fantastic. But since I used aa mcpcb glue down method i don’t want to redo and do Osram white flat 1mm for example.

Guys this is really really one solid budget light with just few disadvantages(non anodized threads) that could be fixed if we find manufacturer. Incredible short zoom action is something that need to be checked with classic Cree or Osram leds though.

I’ve seen this light before, I don’t have one. Thank you for reporting it as good. :slight_smile:
May I ask why do you need to know the actual manufacturer? This is typically not easy to find the OEM, even Sofirn indicated that they tended to have troubles with it. And what is usually the most interesting is the seller with the lowest price. At small volumes that’s often some reseller.

Well you can get OEM and even ODM service if you have manufacturer… They have MOQ for such service but if you make arrangement with them anything can be done.

But this really seems like strange non OEM light and as I said performance with real white led emitter should be reviewed. Because it looks quite impossible that this light can have good zoom in or zoom out with just 3mm.

For night vision it is ok. I checked…

Found another source:

I’ve seen Skywolfeye B16 being called MG-A02M by one of sellers.
Searching the model number has led me to:

Is that the real manufacturer? I have some reservations but maybe.

BTW, here it is in blue with UV LED, available from 1 piece:

The LED Flashlight Model No:AP06 is a pretty good car light.

This may be the OEM for a number of brands.

I did some rough measurements of Skywolfeye B16 lens. Rough because my calipers are plastic junk.
Outer diameter: 14 mm
Diameter of the convex part: 12 mm
Back focal length: 11 mm

The lens is press-fit.

How do you make a waterproof flashlight that zooms, and has a USB port?
I’d suspect hype …

The lens is not bad.
It projects a quite clear image of the LED.

…maybe get some Cree XQ-A and dedome it…

¼ die size of XP-E, or ½ die size of XP-C :laughing: