Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

I recently did a review on a budget priced mini zoomie (TactFire TS-1) using the light re-kindled my interest and fascination with zoomies, and made me more aware of how useful they can be, going from a wide even beam with no hotspot - to a long throw beam with less spill.

Earlier this year I found interest in the UniqueFire 1405, 1406, 1504 and more recently the Brynite B158, but hadn’t bought any of them. I have a few older ones: an SK68, a TrustFire Z8, an Aleto (Zeusfire clone), M-Flare Rebel 90 “The Beast” (7xLEDs) and recently a SurLight XML-2 (Supfire F5)

Although I’ve been interested in the larger ones I’m now exploring all sizes of zoomies and I’ve been looking into some of the more recent models of 18650 and 26650 pocket-able size models. I started this thread to discuss and learn about zooming lights that are good for all-around use, flood and throw, and create a list of popular and interesting models.


Please relate your experience here (good or bad) with zooming lights, including any modding you have done. Feel free to post photos and links to any currently available lights, including any deals alerts, or any models you feel should be added to the list.


The List:

I’ve compiled a list of significant, popular and new models that are currently available I’ll try to keep the list and links updated to serve as a reference for purchase options. Models that are no longer available will be noted as such or deleted from the list.

Updates: (2/6/18) I’ve updated the list in the OP and added over 20 newer models, deleted discontinued models and fixed any dead links to clean it up and bring it current.

Due to my interest in the UniqueFire 14xx 15xx series I’ve also added an extensive list of those in a separate section and included two other UniqueFire series.

Of course there are boat loads of low quality zoomies on the market, (G700, Atomic beam etc. etc.) However for the list here I’m mostly trying to include only better quality, popular or new models from trusted brands, plus any budget zoomies that are notable, interesting or a potential host. I’m only listing lights that can run on Li-ion rechargeable cells.
All links are Non-Aff.


(Newly discovered models will be added at the bottom, above the UniqueFire section)
(Updated 2/6/18)
SK-68 (various brands)
Unbranded XPE-Q5
Sky Wolf Eye16340
UltraFire UF-6880
UltraFire UF-10
UltraFire SK98
TANK007 TK737
On The Road i3
Convoy BD04 (Biscotti firmware!)
Palight MS600
Palight M900-S
Warsun X50
Brinyte B158
Odepro KL52 (B158 without gun mount or large “nubs”)
Sunwayman T25C
Fenix FD40

Added after 2/6/18:
UltraFire UF9
Coast HP1
Coast HX5
XTAR WK007 (XP-G3)
UltraFire UF-C11 (XP-G3)
UltraFire UF-C15
Supfire F3
Supfire F5
Supfire F11-T (1x26650)
Solarforce Y2
Brinyte B158B (Small nubs like Odepro KL52 but with XPL-HI)
Anker Bolder LC90
Sunwayman T25CC
Led Lenser MT10
Led Lenser MT14
Led Lenser MT18
Fenix FD30 (XP-L HI) 18650
Fenix FD40 (XPL-HI) 26650 (Discontinued by Fenix, still available on Amazon)
Fenix FD41 (XP-L HI) 18650
Fenix FD45 (XPL-HI) 4x14500 1.5v Li-ion “proprietary” USB cells (or 4AA/NiMh)
Fenix FD65 (3 x XHP35 HI) NW
UltraFire MAX01 (XHP50)
XANES 1401B (XHP50) (appears to be same as UltraFire MAX01)
BRETT 1401-B (XHP50) (appears to be same as UltraFire MAX01)
BRETT Z50 (XHP50) 5500K-5900K
JAXMAN Z1 (XHP50/50.2) Shorty 2x26350
JAXMAN Z1 (XHP50) 5000K High CRI 90%
HaikeLite HT35 (XHP35 HD - CW 6500K)
HaikeLite HT35 (XHP35 HD - NW 5000K)
HaikeLite HT08 (NW 5000K)
Fitorch P30Z
Litesam E11 Z (Same as Fitorch P30Z but with diamond knurling, Litesam is Fitorch’s amazon exclusive line)
Wuben LT35 (XP-L2)
Wowtac A3S (XP-L HI)
ThorFire TA13
Sofirn SF30A
Unbranded Wide Flood (“Excellent Flood” Available in black or brown color)
UltraFire UF-1603 (Side Switch /XM-L2/5500K/USB charging)
UltraFire WF502F1 (502B)
XANES 1302 (Ramping UI/side switch/USB charging)
UniqueFire 1603 67mm lens XM-L2 side switch - USB charging
UniqueFire 1603 38mm lens XM-L2 side switch - USB charging
Alonefire G910
AloneFire TK105 (XP-L V6)
Warsun X80 (XHP50)


UniqueFire makes an extensive selection of zooming lights in many different sizes and configurations, in addition to white light LEDs there are also Red, Green and IR (Infrared) for use with night vision equipment.

There are many emitter choices for these such as XPG-XPE-XRE-XML-XPL-IR but I’ve linked only the XM-L2 versions; as this thread is intended to be more about all-around use flood and throw, rather than just for throw. The links below are all at Aliexpress which is a good source to find all of the models in the UniqueFire lineup.

UniqueFire models:

UF-T20> 38mm lens XM-L2 1x18650
UF-1505 38mm lens XM-L2 1x18650 (C8 style)
UF-1407 38mm lens XM-L2 1x18650
UF-1502 38mm lens XM-L2 2×18650
UF-1503 50mm lens XM-L2 1x18650
UF-1406 50mm lens XM-L2 2x18650
UF-1504 67mm lens XM-L2 1x26650
UF-1405 67mm lens XM-L2 2x26650

UF-1508 Available in 4 lens sizes: 38mm/50mm/67mm/75mm (1x or 2x18650)
UF-1508 38mm lens XM-L2
UF-1508 50mm lens XM-L2
UF-1508 67mm lens XM-L2
UF-1508 75mm lens XM-L2
UF-1508 Kit Includes all 4 different size heads (comes with an IR emitter but a pill with XPL LED can be purchased separately)
XPL Pill for UF-1508 White, Green or Red

UF-1605 Available in 4 lens sizes: 38mm/50mm/67mm/75mm
This flashlight appears to be suited specifically for night hunting more than all-around use, it’s mostly sold with an IR or XPE LED, but for all-around use it may work with XM-L2 if you like this style. A kit with the flashlight and all 4 heads is also available, but I didn’t list it here.
Here’s a few examples of UF-1605 with white XML/XM-L2 emitter:
UF-1605-38 38mm lens XM-L2 1×18650
UF-1605-67 67mm lens XM-L 1×18650

UniqueFire 1603 Available in 3 lens sizes: 38mm/50mm/67mm
This appears to be UniqueFires latest model aspheric with side switch and built-in USB charging, I mostly could find these with IR or Red or Green emitters, a few Q5 and XRE white. https://www.aliexpress.com/af/uniquefire%25252d1603.html?SearchText=uniquefire+1603&d=y&blanktest=0&origin=n&isViewCP=y&jump=afs

Here’s 2 sizes with white XM-L2: (I also listed these 2 in the main list above)
UniqueFire 1603 67mm lens XM-L2 side switch - USB charging
UniqueFire 1603 38mm lens XM-L2 side switch - USB charging

I got the Brynite B158 in the GB with the XPL HI after the Cometa was a massive failure.

Not particularly happy with it, still wish the Cometa had been done right.

Latest is the On The Road i3
Looks like a little Olight
Zoomed out it has about the same output too
But then because of the zoom it is also possible to look further
I really like it.

Did you get the XM-L2 (1A or 5C) or the XP-G2?

How does the zoom function operate, push-pull or twist?

Same emitter but rated 300lm less than the M3, I wonder if that’s whats lost through the aspheric or if the driver supplies less amperage (in consideration of its compromised ability for heat dissipation) Looks like it would be easy to swap out the driver though.

I have to check on the led think xml2

It is sliding zoom via push pull and feels very smooth and sturdy.

Have not taken it apart but will do eventually :wink:

Found this in another thread about the i3, very interesting light…

I’d love to know what emitter and battery it’s using.

Thanks, I see its tube diameter is listed as 25mm, do you know if an 18350 will fit in there?

Liking this little UltraFire more now, just found out it has a magnetic tail (magnet ring around the switch)


Will measure it later

And oh yeah about recent zoomies
Got a Jaxman Z1 XML2 NW when it seemed the groupbuy for hosts would fall apart
Love it!
Love it so much I do not want to take it apart so ordered a host with extension tube for another led.

I’m really tempted to buy this UltraFire UF-10…anyone tried it?

If you can swap in the Cometa driver into your B158 you’ll be very happy (if the B158’s emitter sits on a DTP MCPCB).

I get 830 meters from my B158 and 737 meters from my modded Cometa (20 guage leads, spring bypasss).

Fenix FD40 added to the list, seems like a nice option as well:

I’m going to take a chance on it, around the same price as a Big Mac meal! http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_423439.html?wid=21


Looks kinda like a Nitecore EA11!

I got a cheapy little Coast hp1 for my dad. It’s the only cheapy zoomie I’ve seen that isn’t terrible to look at. When its zoomed out its got a decent beam pattern with no extra rings of light. It only zooms so far so you never see the shape of the led.

I wish more were like this, using a regular zoomie fully zoomed I always end up backing out just a bit to eliminate the die pattern, just to where the hot spot becomes rounded, this seems to provide better vision as the die pattern disrupts it.

I’ve thought about finding a way to do a mod to resolve this so they don’t quite zoom in all the way.

Are there any that dont show that square pattern of the led?

I love BIG MACS!!

Lights that use a lens will show the square image of the die when focused, though as mentioned if defocused slightly the square turns into more of a circle. Lights that use a TIR type optic will look more like a reflector beam.

LED Lensers don’t project the LED as they have a more sophisticated optical system. I’ll try and post a review of the P7.2 in the next few days.

#3 zoomie”
DealMetic ZeusRay

search here will find them

Doesnt led lenser= coast?