Amazon Germany, WMF "Swiss Army Knives" cheap

Mainly interesting for Germans: has some cheap WMF "Swiss Army Knives" on their website.

WMF 12 8143 6040 Taschenmesser "Tool"

WMF 1281426040 Taschenmesser "Picknick"

WMF 1281416040 Taschenmesser "Basic"

Every knife is €9.95 and if they are of the usual WMF quality... they should be well worth the money. If not they are going back to Amazon.

Shame they don't seem to be available in the uk :(

How is the quality of this brand compared to Victorinox?

I have a V. Climber for EDC but want to upgrade to something with a saw and pliers.

WMF is the leading German brand when it comes to high quality silverware. All the stuff I have from WMF is of equal or better quality compared to the stuff from Victorinox. It wouldn't surprise me if these were relabled Victorinox knives, when I look at the can opener. If they don't match my quality demands, they are going back to Amazon. So it is a zero risk adventure for me.

P.S.: The tool-version is already sold out and now back to €35. I ordered 4 ... should make nice Christmas gifts.

Please tell us about the quality, if you get them. The price is really hot for a WMF product (I don't know any product of WMF, which is bad).

Hmm... the "Tool" (first link) is already back to 34,95 €. Better act quick if you want one.

All knives are available again for the good price.

10€ for the item and 7,50€ for shipping inside EU... No thanks.

In belgium we get free Super Saver Delivery from both Amazon DE and Amazon UK :)

It's crazy. Now the price for the Tool is back to 34,95 €.

Knives have arrived, good quality... not quiet up there with Victorinox, but very close. The tool version is very big due to having so many tools. The spoon on the picknicker version is for emergencies only. I like the Basic version a lot. All knives have 5 little compartments with tweezers, ball-pen, needle, mini screwdriver and a toothpick. Overall very pleased.

Now the "Tool" ist back again for 9,95 €.