【Amazon UK or EU】British Reviewer I Need You!!!

Hi Everyone,

Comment or PM if you like. Reviewers needed.

These pictures are photographed by IF25A fans, Few British followers here. So i decide to share some pictures.

Besides, There is an article Elaborate IF25A on Irish Tech News . Thanks Calvin Jones

Here is the link

IF25A Amazon UK


4 SST20 leds
Max Lumen is 3800 Lumen
Farthest Beam Distance of 420 meters
IPX8 waterproof performance

hahaha~ It’s photographed by Survivaldads and Tyler_douglas_photography. You can both find them on INS

Why dont u guys need amazon.ca reviewers??

We also need. I’ll contact you or Please PM. Actually PM is better, we check inbox everyday and won’t miss any massage

Pm who? Whos she?

PM to Sofirn directly and your massage will be replied

So this account that you’re posting with right now, just that another person will reply, not you

No, I’ll reply. Just PM. Every message is precious to us

i sent message over 12 hours ago, still no reply :frowning:

I can do it.

Thank you! please check your inbox from Sofirn

I replied just now lol. please check your inbox. As we are in different time zone, the massage may be a little bit late.

I received your PM thanks a lot!

Hi Sofirn.

I do torch/flashlight reviews in the UK.

They go on my Youtube channel:

I also do written reviews. Some links in my signature. Or a listing here: CD's Review Central - Listing of my reviews - UPDATED: New Throw and Lumen tables

Written reviews are also posted on CPF and some other sites such as shooting/airgun sites.

Yes, please check your inbox