Amazon US buy one SD05, get a alarm clock as a free gift


美国亚马逊上的Sofirn潜水手电筒于8月1日-------- 8月5日举行买一送一的免费活动。


购买SD05套装,即可免费获得价值$ 18.99的闹钟。先到先得!



so all you get is the alarm clock?

Does that really counts as a “Buy one Get one” promo ? it rather feels like “buy one get a free gift” bonus.

This would be a great deal for someone who needs a flashlight and an alarm clock.

edit: I have edited my previous response because it sounded rude. apologies.

interesting technique… reminds me of the days when you could open a new bank account and get a free toaster!

BOGO has an understood defininistionism. This ain’t it. Edit ,title corrected. Thank You

Barry, I like sofirn but hate deceptive click bait.
Do not tarnish the sofirn name with this type of BS, Thanks :beer:

It’s becoming impossible to give anything away here. Complaining about free. No worries Barry. Keep on doing what you do.

Deep discounts, coupon codes, group buys, just pay shipping, contest, giveaways, it’s never enough Barry. They won’t be happy till you send them one of everything you make and, it better be to their house in 48 hours or they will start a thread complaining.

Ya man, last time i advertise FREE STEAK DINNER W PURCHASE OF BEER and people were like ……OMG you’re serving us dog? but then i was like we also have rat!!!
Then they wanted silverware, a table to eat at, a plate…. A CUP FOR THE BEER?
Such entitlement with this generation! geegollygosh

This is a clear example of false advertising.


Do you really think we're that stupid?

Don’t forget the language and cultural barrier. Could just be a mistake.

I hope you're right, but the vast majority of other Chinese sellers know what "buy one get one free" means.

looks like a good deal whats the problem?

Have you read this thread?

"The problem" has been described quite well by several BLF members.

I see this a lot and think/hope this is just a language barrier issue.

I've been on BLF for almost ten years.

During the last seven or so years, I have paid great attention to what goes on here.

I don't think the problem with the OP has happened before on BLF (during that time), or if it has, it hasn't happened very often.

So while I hope it's a language barrier issue, I highly doubt it.

Perhaps I should clarify I didn’t mean specifically with Barry/Sofirn or BLF but with China based deals in general. Either way it’s false advertising in my eyes but I’m not going to get upset about it.

I think that blatant false advertising is insulting to the consumers' intelligence, but I'm not going to get upset over it either.

It is interesting to talk about, however.

It is a nice light had one for about a week now and 15% clickable coupon even without the clock which looks decent.

Mode spacing pretty good though don’t look for low. Well spaced Med-Hi-Turbo.

Well made, straightforward light. Nice mag switch.

Keywords in false advertising, deliberately misleads.

Nonsense, just another reason for people to complain.

I don’t care if you don’t like the deal or not. Don’t buy it. The man is providing a opportunity, nothing more, nothing less. Everyone would be jumping right on in if it was a 30% off coupon.

Ya wonder why GAW’s are becoming less common.

I’ll buy one because I like the light. Wouldn’t have thought about buying one if I didn’t see this post. I don’t need an alarm clock but it’s a pleasant gesture. More than can be said for the feedback on the post in general.

Don’t make this another group people will be embarrassed to be apart of. To be blunt, just shut up and move on. Yes, that was meant to sound rude.