Amperage of fairy lights question

I’ve been ordering some of my holiday lights early so they have plenty to time to get to me and I’ve ordered two 5 meter long strands of RGB copper wire fairy lights that are 12 volt and have a 5.5mm barrel jack plug.
However, I don’t see anything in the listing about the amp requirement for each strand.
I would like to run two strands off one wall wart using a Y splitter, if that’s possible, just to keep cords to a minimum.
Does anyone know how many amps I’ll need to power each 5meter strand?
Would a single 2 amp, 12 volt wall wart and a Y splitter be enough to run two, 5 meter strands or will I need two, 2amp power supplies?
Of course being holiday lights they will be on for several hours at a time and I don’t want to over heat the power adapter too much, so it’s probably best to err on the side of caution.

The lights are just like the ones in this listing

5M RGB 50 LED Copper Wire String Fairy Light

Tried looking ’em up, no joy.

Honestly, when I get stuck on something like that, I just go and buy enough for both ways and then just try it. Worst case you’d have a spare wall-wart in case one goes teats-up.

Eg, when I wanted a real NW LED for a license-plate light, I went and got at least 2 of each of the different types I saw, lit ’em all up, and just picked the ones I liked best. Figured I could always use the “extra” bulbs for something else.

Thanks, that probably is the best solution, even though it means more wires to deal with.
I already have one 12 volt 2 amp wall wart that came with an old external hard drive, and I think it’s of fairly good quality; I never had trouble with it getting hot, even though I left the drive mounted for weeks at a time.

Have you asked the seller?

You could try it with one wall-wart and one strip, measure how much current it takes. If half or less than the 2A rating, you can then parallel the strips with the Y-adapter and run it with one WW. If not, then yeah, you’ll need both.

If the WW has vent-holes (or especially if not), a small fan helps keep them cool vs just unaided convection. Little 4”–5” 120V 230V “boxer” fans are easy to plug in and just aim at the critters. I did that with old external (SCSI, I think) hard drives that got uncomfortably warm (to me, ’though they may have very well enjoyed it).

I did, but they just referred me to the specs in the listing, and there’s no mention of amps.

I may rig up something so I can test the current draw, that’s a good idea.