AMUTORCH E3S ---Guess its length, Win a Free E3S! (revealed)

Hello guys,

AMUTORCH just released a new tiny flashlight —- E3S. Powered by one 20350 power Li-ion battery featuring 10C max output current, E3S delivers max 3000 lumens from an extremely compact body. Find more information at Take a 40% off coupon for E3S “BLF20616”.

Interested in it but you don’t want to pay for it? Now you have a chance to get a FREE sample by taking part in our guessing game!

The rule is simple—-Guess the length of E3S. The first one who gives the closest answer can win a free E3S!

*The unit of measurement is “mm”.
*Write down the number to one decimal place, e.g. 23.3mm
*Everyone has only one chance to guess.
*If there are two equally close answers, the first one will be selected.
*All participants will get a little surprise.

The game will last for one week. Come on guys, just type a few numbers and you may be the luckiest one!



The length of E3S is 58.8mm! Check the photo below please. So, the winner is —————PBWilson (#88)!!! PM me your address please and a brand new E3S will knock on your door soon!

And to other participants, please don’t be frustrated. Pay attention to your message inbox please, you will receive a little surprise from us too. If you don’t receive our PM till tomorrow, let me know please.

Last but not least, E3S’s 40% off code “BLF20616” expires on 22nd June, so if you’d like to have one, NOW is the best time.

Thanks much everyone. More games will come soon. ^:)


Wow, that's very compact.

What battery does it take?

one 20350 power Li-ion battery. Guess its height? :money_mouth_face:



61.8 is my guess. Thanks for the giveaway, this should be fun.

I’ll try, my guess is = 59.0 mm



My ball park guess is 58.5mm


54 mm




I think that light looks great. I like the unusual colour.

Neat looking little light!

My guess is 62.5mm.




Can you provide more info. How’s the UI? How many emitters and what kind of emitters?