AMUTORCH's promotion started!!! Savings up to 33% off. Available at Sep.25th-30th.

Leave your favorite Amutorch product’s name in the comment below and let us know what discount would you like for the Mid-Autumn Festival Sale. When there are more than 50 people commented, we will draw one person from them to send a flashlight for free.


Kindly note that the event has ended, the total number of participants is 56. We have drawn one person from the participants to send an “AMUTORCH E3S” for free.

Click the YouTube link below for more details


Congratulations to "Skylight", we will send you an "AMUTORCH E3S" for free. Please send us your detailed address and phone number via BLF or contact us by


Promotion Started!!! Savings up to 33% off.

Only available at Sep.25th-30th.

AMUTORCH XT45 with Luminus SBT-90.G2 LED is back !!!

Get to the website before it's too late!


Four products participate in the Mid-autumn Festival & Chinese National Day SALE.

NO.1 AMUTORCH XT60 with Luminus SBT-90.G2 LED usd 79.99

NO.2 AMUTORCH XT60 with Luminus SST-40 LED usd 53.32

NO.3 AMUTORCH XT45 with Luminus SBT-90.G2 LED usd 72.00

NO.4 AMUTORCH XT45 with Luminus SST-40 LED usd 48.00

I like the E4!

Since this year is 2021 - I would like 21% discount on Sale.

I fancy having the XT60 with the SBT90.2 LED if it is on sale with a 33.33% discount during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival Sale! :+1:

I’m going to be bold and say I’d like an XT35 if it was $35

XT 60 with the SBT90 and anything above 30 percent off would be great.

I want 50/50 discount, but better free E3S :wink:

X9 is my Amutorch of choice.30-50% discount would be great.

I took a vow to take a sabbatical in abstinence, but a proposition like that could make me fall off the wagon with Flashlight Anonymous.

Henk4U2, I just saw on Raddit that the XT60 with SBT90.2LED was actually on sale with a 30% discount, 6-9 September. This being the case, I guess Amutorch can re-introduce the sale with an even better discount soon. :money_mouth_face:

The E3 is a great pocket light, I’like it. A 25% discount should be fine :sunglasses:

For me xt60 plus e4 both 40%off please!

I like the E4 because its small, multiple LEDs with TIR and its brass.

I am big fan of SD5!

also big fan of XT45 (sbt90.2)!

also of XT60 (sbt90.2)!

Now just waiting for a 35% sale this fall!

And also a NEW - CLEAR ANODIZE VERSION of any of the above models (SD5, XT45 sbt90.2, XT60 sbt90.2)

Thank you Amutorch! love your design philosophy!

X9 with classical usb port is my Amutorch most beloved model…30-50% discount would be great of course:)

I was always curious about XT45 with SBT90.2, but I fell like I can try it at 59$!


I like the E3S
A 30% discount would entice me

Love the look of the E4

40% off

Hm E3H or XT45…

I like the E3. 1/3 off would be nice.