(AMZ US) $38.49 for Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril Quantity Limited===END

Hello BLFers,

We off 30% off code for Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril without batteries on amazon us. Enjoy it!

Code: 4AJONH8N

Sale price: $54.99

Deal price: $38.49

purchase link:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KFF5BGZ?ref=myi_title_dp

Kind note: This deal is limited to the top 15 users who order this flashlight, and then code will invalid to 16th user.

PS: Please comment your preference sofirn models for our next Halloween deal! Thank you.

Models? I would like such promotions to be possible worldwide. Not only in the US.

That went fast. lol

Edit: Nevermind. When I first tried the code showed as invalid I assumed all 15 slots had been taken. Looks like it still might be live.

Thank you guys so much! I just got the order confirmation. What batteries do people suggest to go with this?

I grabbed one. I’ve been wanting one of these. Thanks!

Snagged one … Many Thanks … :slight_smile:

Hmm, I tries to order this, but it says it can not be shipped to my address? :weary:

Does anyone know how these leds compare to the original?

Slightly warmer, less bright, better color rendering.

The sale is on AMZ US. AMZ US is not allowed to poach on the territory of AMZ CA.

I would welcome an EU or global (shipped from China) deal on this.

Oh, Tracy, Tracy, Tracy…

Should Sofirn and I just get a joint checking-account or something?

I wasn’t really interested in the ‘36, given all the Q8s, a DC7, etc., that I’ve got, but when I saw it had ’351s under the hood, I just had to get one. Another big honkin’ light for me to play with…

Anyway, thanks! Looks like a nice one!

Well, ordered one on impulse, cancled one on wisdom and went back and ordered it on impulse! Coupon was still good. Will have to open it up and flash latest FW on it, may change the led color on the switch.

’351s? Really nice.

I’ve only got one type of light that runs ’351s, WK30s, and they’re a really nice creamy white. Kinda remind me of the MT-G2 in terms of CT and tint.

You won’t be disappointed. Probably get a bit spoiled after that, too.

Lightbringer… I installed an LH351D in my FW1A and really like it.

I actually bought a bunch of ’Ds and ’Bs from AEDe, but haven’t reflowed any yet to be able to use them.

I was going to use them in my refit of a brass’n’glass “hurricane lantern” that uses a stack of Angry Blue™ LEDs (why, oh why…), but opted for 2700K LEDs instead for a more candle-like appearance.

Not that I finished it, but… :weary:

Me too. Thanks for the deal like I needed another flashlight like a hole in the head. Sound like my father. :money_mouth_face:

Sigh…. I ordered one, thanks for the code. This makes my 7th light in less than a month.

Slacker… :wink:

Instinct took over - I’m such a sucker for a deal on a nice light. Too bad - I still need to get one or two SP36S for gifts…