Andruil 2 auto off or auto sunset?

Is there a way to have my light shut off after X minutes of inactivity (no button presses) (every time I turn it on with a single button press)?

I know about the sunset mode, but that requires a 5H press every time after turning on the light.

Auto sunset would be even better (so you can notice that it’s getting dimmer and ramp it back up, which would restart the timer).

I tried the auto-lock feature, but it only works if the light is already off.

Increments of 5 minutes would be good for this in the UI.

Not that I’ve ever used. Sunset or “candle” mode are the only two options I’ve ever pressed into service for ‘auto off’. I use sunset mode pretty regularly on my IF25A. 30 minute dim to off is awesome. I’m usually asleep well before the light goes out. Love it. One of the best features of Anduril.