Andruil 2 auto off or auto sunset?

Is there a way to have my light shut off after X minutes of inactivity (no button presses) (every time I turn it on with a single button press)?

I know about the sunset mode, but that requires a 5H press every time after turning on the light.

Auto sunset would be even better (so you can notice that it’s getting dimmer and ramp it back up, which would restart the timer).

I tried the auto-lock feature, but it only works if the light is already off.

Increments of 5 minutes would be good for this in the UI.

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Not that I’ve ever used. Sunset or “candle” mode are the only two options I’ve ever pressed into service for ‘auto off’. I use sunset mode pretty regularly on my IF25A. 30 minute dim to off is awesome. I’m usually asleep well before the light goes out. Love it. One of the best features of Anduril.

I don’t think Anduril had this feature (yet).

But Anduril being the high-quality opensource code that it is, there’s never any missing features, there’s only implementation opportunities! :tada:

So if you really want that feature, make a post about it in the Anduril 2 Feature Change Suggestions topic and I’m pretty sure someone will step up and implement it for you, perhaps even Yours Truly! :+1:

Old thread here… but what I want to know is where @TIFisher got that shade (and what light is in the pic).
I really like the shade!

Looks like an empty pill bottle turned upside down, with a white spray paint lid on top lol

Looks like @Mandrake50 might be pulling your leg… :grin:

Nope… I do like it… Even though when I look closer part of it may be a pill bottle. I was looking at the top part… the yellow looking shade part. Yeah maybe a spray pint can lid… but I did not see it… a bit dense here I guess!! Still looks pretty nice to me.
Sorry for the digression…

And thanks for the explanation!

I think Lumenheir is probably right. It looks like a prescription pill bottle upside-down, with a second piece on top. The second piece looks like the lid for a can of spray paint.

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Yup. I may just have to whip one up and see for myself. Probably too lossy though.

That part I believe, no leg-pulling necessary (after all, there’s no accounting for taste :grin:).

It’s here that I really think you’re now pulling everyone’s legs :rofl:

You ever look at some of the pictures that are designed ot look entirely different depending on how they are viewed. Where perspective changes from a depression (concave) to a bump (convex) shape. But defines by a 2 dimensional image.

When I looked at the pic initially, I thought the top part had something like a chimney in the middle. Nothing like just a spray paint can lid. Pretty amazing, once it was pointed out to me what it was… and I saw it for what it is, all of the coolness just went away.
Look at this for a while. You can see two completely different pictures:

Again, thanks for being patient with the digression.

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