Andúril 2 coming to Sofirn - The general Sofirn development thread

SP10S 2700k

IF25 2700k Sand or Blue/Red color!

Great idea. Id be in for 2 and possibly more.

Some folks are swapping the MCU to run RampingIOS. This is inexpensive. I think there are also replacement drivers to run Anduril as well, but that’s not so inexpensive.

Yup, I’ve shipped out several pre-flashed MCUs with RampingIOS (D4 V2 UI) and they are very inexpensive. Makes a decent cheap headlamp quite a bit better. Been doing the same thing with the Convoy H1 (my preference though admittedly slightly more expensive).

For me to H1 will work but for friends that may not have li-ion chargers then the USB charging of the SP40 works good. So with a preflashed MCU, you just desolder the old one and replace with new MCU. Are there instructions with images on what to replace? I’d love to give it a try. I have a SP40 and H1 on the way. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I gave my SP40 to a co-worker before I had a chance to try swapping MCUs on it. So I just have ones for the D25 (and some D10) and the H1. It’s too bad because the SP40 is a pretty nice headlamp. I’m not a big fan of the button position (on the end) but that’s minor. Oh, and some of the UI. And the driver, which appears to be current-limiting resistor setup where output continuously drops linearly with voltage.

Based on these images (not mine) the MCU also appears to be a 14-pin PIC. So short a complete driver swap, I’m afraid I’ll leave the SP40 right where it’s at :frowning:

Both the D25 and H1 are pretty easy to swap in a new MCU. And the H1 has a nice linear regulator. The D25 is a current-limiting resistor jobber, but that’s expected at this price point I guess. Apologies for derailing a Sofirn thread, but here’s my info on the H1 (and here’s my review of the SP40 and the D25 (not D25S) for fairness/completeness).

I have not actually changed an MCU, but it doesnt look hard. I doubt you can unsolder it. I would use hot air or just cut the legs. Then you can solder the new one on. It is a simple remove and replace.

To remove the original and keep it intact with just a solder iron seems tricky. Maybe if you wick all the old solder out and then heat one leg at a time while lifting it up you can get it removed.

I remove them with a soldering iron and small flat screwdriver. While lightly prying up with the screwdriver, run the iron up and down the legs on one side until the lift up. Then grasp the MCU with tweezers and then run the iron on the other side to lift it up completely. It’s not too bad.

I like this too!

I uploaded emitters on website,

sorry that there are no pictures yet, but you know what you are buying.

:sunglasses: , and good prices too :slight_smile:

Edit: just one 5000K 3V XHP50.2 in stock, I was planning on 4 :innocent:

Hi Barry,

Thank you verry much for offering such emitters!

But are you shure these XHP50.2 are real 5000K emitters?
Do you have an order code or exact binning of these emitters?

I have bought some of them from binned in 3B color tint and they are warmer and less green than on my Astrolux EC01 5000K, which is produced in your factory.

Look here for the emitters from please: XHP50B-00-0000-0A00J4051 XHP50 IN 3 VOLT - Cutter Electronics
I have ordered these: XHP50B-00-0000-0A00J4051

My browsers and router do not like your new website-

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You should update your system. uses a Let’s Encrypt certificate that is widely used today.

Yeah! And 4000K-5000K as well please.

Everything with charging for me.

They announced the Anduril Q8 version yesterday:

Appears to be: No USB charging, same LED's I guess, new battery level indicator on side switch.

Yeap. Saw it the other day and had to do a double take. Pretty cool. Hope they adjusted the thermal settings for the q8. Wish they added built in charging though.

I'll be interested if it shows up on their Amazon store.

What thermal improvements are you looking for? I’ve haven’t identified such a need.