Andúril 2 coming to Sofirn - The general Sofirn development thread

Hi there,

In the SP70 thread Barry just spread the good news that Sofirn currently checks if alternative/new versions of their current flashlights will be feasible, depending on actual demand, see quote below.

Thus, I thought it might be better to start a new thread here to discuss it and to avoid further distraction from the development-thread of the SP70.

My thoughts about these plans would be:

Hi Barry, that's great news indeed. If I got you right the making of these alternative/new versions depend on the actual demand. So, do you plan to run a poll here on BLF to gather as much information as possible? AFAIK, Neven ("Led4Power") offers a ready-to-use MCPCB with 4x Luxeon V 4.000K 70CRI for the Q8. However, it still takes some modifications on the Q8 to install it. In terms of a more floody, less bright but HighCRI beam I could imagine that Samsung's LH351D 4.000K 90CRI would be fine. For an ultimate multi-emitter thrower the Osram KW CSLPM1.TG might be worth looking at. With 4 of these installed and correctly aligned there's a chance of 5,000 lumens (i.e. 4x 1,250lm @ 5A) with an extreme intense spot and great throw. Unfortunately, the Osram LED requires a current-limited driver and won't perform well with an FET.

Concerning the C8F 21700 with single emitter:

Great idea. Alternatively, I would greatly appreciate it if Sofirn's C8S host gets an update for 21700 batteries. It's a nice host for it can use 20mm drivers out of the box.



get rid of the long click for off/on on their E-Switch lights

Add an option for the SP36 with XPL-HI

OK, I will point my emitter color wishes here too:

I would love to see popular flashlights with 4000K Color.

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As it is just a suggestion, I thought, I just go here from the SP70 topic - because this is not related to the current SP70 specification set (yet).

I would like to +1 for Satan@103TFS, as if Sofirn makes SMO reflector for SP70, there should be definitely XHP35 HI options (e.g. a set of 5700K, 4500K, 3500K CCT) - and there should be at least one high CRI option (e.g. 4500K 80 or 90CRI).

And for the ‘C8’-ish flashlighs, let us ‘gauge’ the single cell compact throwers (now all with 21700 battery tube), so there could be C11 with a net reflector diameter of 55 mm (as C8 is ~40 mm), and there could be a C14 with 70mm diameter for extremists. Also, I could imagine a C14F as well :smiling_imp:

It’s pretty cool to see a company expressing interest in pleasing the customer. I hope this thread inspires all sorts of new lights and options.

I’d love to see a 4000K color in High CRI also available in the Sofirn SP70.

For me it would be nice flashlight with a SP70 head and 4 xp-l hi and a tube for one 26650 with a fet driver. Such tm16gt only more compact with a better price and probably stronger

My wish would be for Sofirn to stop gluing their lights together, so it would make life easier for users to perform their own mods in cases where it’s not feasible for Sofirn to produce alternative versions for sale.

Good thread.

Would love to see a larger head single emitter version of the 21700 C8F with Oslon KW CSLPM1.TG, KW CSPLM1.TG, or KW CULPM1.TG and USB C recharge. Sofirn should pay attention to how extremely popular the Emisar D1S and GT Mini is. This single emitter C8F with easily 400+kcd will be the farthest throwing production flashlight in existence for its size category and will sell very well.

+1 :+1:

It only takes an appropriate centering ring (Hoop is gonna make some of them for several flashlights soon…I can’t wait to get them) and a current-limited driver that makes sure the LED will not get more than 4.5 - 5.5 amps (e.g. Neven’s LD-A4 driver). :heart_eyes:

Hold on people, Sofirn takes things slowly ,at least that’s what it seems. I believe,the right thing for sofirn to asure sales is to check out the interest of the details on3 the3 customers ,like : wich one3 would you choose first : orange peel or3 smooth etc.,not to many makers do such thing,and in a tight market that so many manufacture nice budget flashlights,might be a good option to start in blf,as so many other reviews would come out for a good quality flashlight.
USB type c charger included : yes or not necesarily?

SP36 with XP-L HI cw - please…

My wishes:

- Sofirn SP33 v3 with XHP70.2(NW)

- C8F 21700 TIR optics with 6 or 7 emitter XP-L2 HD/LH351D (4000-5000K, thermal control and NO stepdown in time, add more cooling fins on head)

- Sofirn BLF SP36 TIR optics with 6 or 7 emitter XP-L2 HD/LH351D (4000-5000K)

- Sofirn Q8 with 4*XHP50.2(NW)

  • Copper head version of their current flashlights.


You will only gain about 200 lumen on turbo. Less at lower levels. Plus you will lose throw distance. I don’t think it’s worth the change. It’s probably better to keep the 50.2 and just change the color temp.

Just thinking:

Would it make sense to collect the ideas and summarize/list them somehow (e.g. spread sheet) in the OP, so Barry, Tracy, Adelina or anyone else at Sofirn would have a convenient overview of our wishes?

Good ideas except I like the UI on the C8F 21700 much better than on the C8F 18650. Click and hold to turn off is just not intuitive.

I really don’t like the timed step downs that Sofirn is using on all of their recent flashlights especially considering they are using active temperature control now.

Sofirn needs more finning on their flashlights. Sofirn flashlights have too little fins for heat shedding. Need more surface to sustain higher outputs. Redesign the C8F with more fins!

Sofirn Q8 with 4x XHP50.2 makes more sense. For 3x XHP70.2, there already exist the Haikelite MT03 TA with excellent UI, output, and is one of the best flashlight host in the size range (heavy thermal mass and abundant fins).

@ Sofirn…. Even if you do offer warmer tints, please continue to also offer the choices you have been in the 5000K - 5750K range!!

5000K - 5750K is what is closest to True Neutral White without the addition of ugly yellow or harsh blue tints.

Many of us Do Not care for the warmer tints at all.

@SKV89, Yes, I agree with you

What lag in Sofirn line up are real thrower the best they have is C8T with +/-100 KCD so I suggest

- Single 21700 with 55-60 mm. head + XPL Hi for +180 KCD or

- Single 26650 with 65-70 mm. head + XHP35 for +250 KCD/+2000 L

- SP70 SMO + XHP35 for +600 KCD/+2300 L

With the 2 switch (forward tail and light side SW) as C8F 21700 but add locator function in the side SW, omit USB charge to keep the cost low and risk of leak.

Yeah, get rid of long press on/off. Also, something in the smallest 18650 category .