Andúril 2 coming to Sofirn - The general Sofirn development thread

I like the idea of a smaller-sized 18650 light. Something along the lines of a Zebralight or Emisar D4 would be great. Doesn’t have to be a pocket rocket either.

A higher-powered Q8 (as mentioned above) would be great too. a quad of XHP50.2 emitters in NW would be fantastic! Lots of battery life, reasonable heat-shedding capability and a great deal of power! I recall someone mentioning this mod early on in the enormous Q8 thread and it stuck with me all this time. I wonder how difficult it would be to have a small run of a light like this?

if same emitters but different tint, that could be easy and quick.

But different emitters such as change from XPL family to XHP family, that takes more time due to the voltage is different and new tests.

And a new driver, and a new battery tube, and limited power/cost, etc.

@Barry, the one thing you could do is using tint mixing.

Using emitters like the LH351D 3000k and 5000k, like in the BLF lantern!, you could pull off a very very nice beam, that even BLF members will love, with very good color rendition.

How many people like SST-20-WxH 2700K-4000K, 95 CRI ?

We like it a lot :slight_smile:

As said in the post above though, do you think it would be possible for the “new” Q8 to have the same LEDs as the BLF Lantern, so LH351D 3000k and 5000k 90CRI?

Not only would it make production easier, but tint mixing LEDs like the LH351D 3000k and 5000k would make for an amazing 4000k beam, that even BLF members will like since it will result in a light with a pinky tint instead of greeny tint :smiley:

We are ready to wait :slight_smile:

We love the SST-20-W 95CRI. The 4000k currently sold on Kaidomain is the FB4 bin, which is far above the BBL so greenish. Fireflies is using the FA3 bin in the ROT66 and that was reported to have some slight green and requires minus green filter to perfect. If Sofirn can source the FA1, FA4, FD1, FD4, it should give the Nichia 9080 appearance but with better performance vs 219B. The SST-20-W 95CRI 3000k sold at Kaidomain is the HD2 tint bin and is perfect for WW.

If you go with the Samsung LH351D 90CRI, make sure you get the T1, T2, T3, or T4 bin because anything tint bins above has green tint. The groupbuys were T6 and T7 bins that were supposed to be at or below the BBL but in reality, they are all much above the BBL resulting in the yellow/green tint.


I would love to see the SF10 with a 5000K Nichia or Samsung emitter. Three special BLF editions, copper, brass, stainless and titanium. With a screwed on deep carry clip. I would buy a few of each.

First time to try this google tool. Hope it helps collect your ideas. Please let me know if anything wrong.

I filled it out.

Good idea but then it won't make any sense for me to keep track of the ideas posted here on BLF and do some kind of summary in the OP. Whatever the outcome of this survey will be, I'll be happy to put the results into the OP. Feel free to contact me via PM, Sofirn.


Yeah, thanks. Let’s give it some time to collect more replies.

I added some input on the Google tool, hope it helps…

I'll have everything this man is having!

(Your English is great, no need to worry my friend.)

I suggested in the Google document a triple or quad in the size of their SP33 with either a 26650 or 21700. It would be another alternative to the D4S and E07 which seem to be very popular right now.

I’d love to know what ideas are inspiring to Sofirn right now.

received 28 answers, I found many want 4000K-5000K tint, want XHP series or samsang leds for more power or more distance or higher CRI or better beam.

some like usb charging some don’t like. some want more body colors like Red, sand/tan, navy Blue etc.

More people want another new version of C8F and SP33.

We will talk about in the meeting.

Anymore ideas? Please keep going.

I would love an SP36 in a 3500K to 4000K. Maybe even with SST-20’s.

Updated sf30. Could be simple as driven harder to produce 1000 lumens.
Or a emitter swap to xpl hi.
Or even another sale again. About a year ago these went on sale for $5.99 on amazon. Discount code maybe?