Greetings from Indonesia


My good flashlights have brought me here to this awesome forum.
And this forum has somehow made me buying more flashlights lately :smiley:

Before knowing blf, I have had a few el cheapo flashlights which aren’t so bright, with horrible blue tint, blah blah blah …
My first good-quality budget-flashlight was a Convoy S2+ (XML2 , 6*7135 , 3/5mode) which I bought in August of 2017.
After that, two more Convoy flashlights in August of 2018 (another S2+ and a BD06).
Been visiting since 2017, only once in a while though. Did not register , or maybe I did , I don’t remember :FACEPALM:

Fast forward to mid August 2020, my interest/enthusiasm grew more. Visiting BLF more and more. Ordered a few more Convoy flashlights. Registered on BLF . Reading more and more , and posting. Found other budget-flashlight brands. Sofirn , Lumintop, Mateminco, etc. Ordered Sofirn flashlights (SC31 Pro Anduril Flashlight , C01S).

And here I’m now, I’ve just found this Introduction section today , after a few weeks wandering :slight_smile: :smiley:

I’m glad to have joined this forum.

You guys are awesome and very helpful!


Reserved :slight_smile:

Reserved :wink:


Thanks id !

Thanks for joining the gang, BLF-L!


A late introduction (110 posts already) but you’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard neighbour!

Selamat datang, Om! :beer:

Thanks raccoon city.
Your thread about posting images on BLF has been really helpful.

Hi, thanks !
“better late than never” :smiley:

idk why I didn’t see this sub-forum at the beginning ,
I jumped right into discussions and flashlight reviews after registering.

Hallo jiran , thank you ! :slight_smile:

Terimakasih Om lumen , senang berjumpa di forum ini :slight_smile: