Sofirn SP70 Alone $50, PM for AMZ US CODE(LIMITED)

I would like to see single emitter C8F 21700 with bigger head for throw and what about SP70 with XHP35? :wink:

They would need to know if demand is high enough. If there is not enough demand, they would lose money making it.

Would love to see a larger head single emitter version with Oslon KW CSLPM1.TG, KW CSPLM1.TG, or KW CULPM1.TG and USB C recharge. Will be the farthest throwing production flashlight in existence for its size and I am sure will sell very well.

Ediy: oops I thought this was the c8f 21700 thread.

Basically an olight m2x with 21700 and better driver/LED.

Keep in mind this is the SP70 thread.

For new flashlight ideas you might want to post on Sofirns suggestions thread or in a PM to them.

Good idea JasonWW! I just started a new thread to discuss these things and to avoid further distraction from the SP70 topic. ;-)

Excellent…. :+1:

SP70 first prototype refletor

SP70 Second prototype Orange Peel

SP70 Second prototype smooth

SP70 Second prototype slightly Orange

SP33 slightly Orange

Looking good Sofirn!! :+1:

The SP70 2nd Prototype Smooth looks really good!!

Both look good to me, I will order both if there is an option, or will take only the smooth if I have to choose.

Tracey tells me that the SMO still has a blue spot and yellow rings, but measured about 160K cd and 800 meters via their 21700 batteries.

The slightly orange peel reflector looks better and is almost the same performance, so that is the direction they may go.

The slightly OP reflector looks a lot like the SP33 v2 reflector. Here are some pictures so you can see that it’s pretty smooth.

The SP33 v2 does have a defined hot spot and looks good in my opinion, so I’m would be happy to use that.

Maybe Tracey can get some pictures of the hot spot on a wall later on.

Hard to tell from the pictures but i guess the beamshot and kcd will be the best way to judge?

If the performance is really “about the same”…. go with the better beam is my .o2.

And yes, if possible; beamshots would be nice. :+1:

Who owns the factory?

Shenzhen King Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact information

Sofirn Limited:
Tel: +86-755-23440047
E-mail: (US.) (EU.)
Address: 1-9 building, building 110, Tenglong industrial area, Xintian community, Guanlan street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Sofirn is registered in 2010, which specialized in outdoor lights & tools, chargers and batteries, such as budget high-quality flashlights, bike lights, camping lantern. Sofirn Flashlights are being sold worldwide, especially in America, Australia, European, Russia, South Korea, Japan. Concentrating on innovation, in-house development, manufacture and customer-oriented Service, Sofirn LED flashlights are widely used in household lighting, Everyday carry / EDC, outdoorsy acclivities, industry, security, law enforcement and military, etc. The pursuit is to light your entire world in front of you by manufacturing budget high-quality products and providing excellent customer service.


Can’t wait for the reviews :smiley:

Show us some beam shot picture and measurement data please.

Beam shots will be later.

Measurements are about 160K cd and 800 meters via their 21700 batteries with SMO (the old SMO reflector got 750 meters). Lumens were about 7,200 on average.

I don’t know the exact candela of the slight OP reflector. A bit less than the SMO, but more than the original OP reflector. We have to wait for more info.

This update is complete until the next one. :beer:

I have later time to do the calculation, but is 160 kcd not still low for a reflector this size (8cm?) with XHP70.2 ? And I would be curious about the numbers going with the “almost the same performance” of the slight OP reflector.

Maybe. It’s a pretty short reflector, though. Tweaking the reflector height might get higher candela. Who knows. No one outside of Sofirn has really gotten to play around with it. It’s still blowing away a stock Convoy L6 which is about 450 meters so I’m not too bothered by it. 900 to 1000 meters would be sweet, but oh well.

Me too.