Sofirn SP70 Alone $50, PM for AMZ US CODE(LIMITED)

Oh how true that is. :cry: lol

Sofirn is trying to make 3 types of reflector (Smooth, Orange, small Orange ) and try several prototypes. Only for the best you need.

You know, during this season, every factory is busy, anodizing factory, electroplating factory, printers etc.

So, still waiting. Maybe this week will samples will be made.

Thanks. I hope they also try out different reflector heights to get the focus looking nice.

For those that don’t know, China is in the busy season (roughly mid October to mid January). Shipping may take a bit longer and projects like these may slow down.

The factories will be shutting down for a couple weeks in late December/early January for the New Year. So we will all have to be patient.

Thanks Barry good to hear something with this light and good for Sofirn listen to us .

Yup, it drives me nuts. Won’t buy anything with the .2 emitters in them.

Like this

Pretty sure it’s too late to make any changes now, but this similar XHP70.2 Jaxman X6 Hunter has more and deeper fins. Would be nice if the SP70 can have more fins like the X6 to increase surface area for increased heat dissipation.

Sounds great, thank you for the update too….
…………it is appreciated by all of us!! :+1:

We already have the maximum fins possible with the machines making it. The SP70 is just fine.

You do realize this light will be using the xhp70.2, right?

Whatever they call it, I agree with you guys; it is no big deal or deal breaker. For me anyway

Look at that ’Hot Spot’!! Who cares what the edges look like. :smiley:

It sure is!!! :+1: . I love it!!!

Yeah but with 3600 lumens…. Come on. L6 has 3400 and the S70S can put out 3800 to 4000. And this light is bigger with a newer led. If sofirn make SP70 as they told it will be much brighter than this Jaxman.

Yes, xhp 70.2 or the xhp 50.2. = .2 emitters

Keeping in mind that this is a project light with input from the forum where the Jaxman is a production light WITHOUT the benefit of the forums FET expertise.

You know, of course, that either way some here will mode either light and produce quite a few more lumens. So simple, really, to hit 7,000 to 9,000 lumens with some moderate changes. And in THAT case, which light would hold up to it better? I like Jaxman for trying, good results without a lot of help. Got to give Sofirn Kudo’s to taking things to the next level though. They have surprises in store for us. :smiley:

**^ I do love surprises…… :smiley: **

How long beam distance ?

@Sofirn: You should notice that the most favorite emitter color in BLF is Neutralwhite/warmwhite or between 4000K and 5000K.

You could sell more Sofirn Q8 with a warmer emitter color too.

Sofirn chooses emitter color temps that the majority of ALL customers prefer, not BLF specifically. This gives them the most sales without having to stock multiple versions of each light.

They are still working on the reflector. It will be farther than the L6 and S70s, though.

I for one am glad Sofirn does it that way. That is one of the things that has attracted me to Sofirn.

They choose emitters that are close to True Neutral White …. no harsh blue tints of cool or the ugly yellows of warm.

Keep up the good work Sofirn!!! :slight_smile::+1:

Not only new reflectors take time, but the new DTP is not ready. It takes about 10-15 days. :rage: