Sofirn SP70 Alone $50, PM for AMZ US CODE(LIMITED)

Can’t wait for the reviews :smiley:

Show us some beam shot picture and measurement data please.

Beam shots will be later.

Measurements are about 160K cd and 800 meters via their 21700 batteries with SMO (the old SMO reflector got 750 meters). Lumens were about 7,200 on average.

I don’t know the exact candela of the slight OP reflector. A bit less than the SMO, but more than the original OP reflector. We have to wait for more info.

This update is complete until the next one. :beer:

I have later time to do the calculation, but is 160 kcd not still low for a reflector this size (8cm?) with XHP70.2 ? And I would be curious about the numbers going with the “almost the same performance” of the slight OP reflector.

Maybe. It’s a pretty short reflector, though. Tweaking the reflector height might get higher candela. Who knows. No one outside of Sofirn has really gotten to play around with it. It’s still blowing away a stock Convoy L6 which is about 450 meters so I’m not too bothered by it. 900 to 1000 meters would be sweet, but oh well.

Me too.

I am very OK with these numbers

7,200 lumens is a good bump from the previous prototype :+1: But Im just thinking for the size of the head, shouldnt it throw more than 160kcd. Even the MF02S throws farther if I remember right

Lumens are the same from last prototype. No change there.

I found Maukka’s review of a NW MF02S. He got 185kcd. I don’t know it’s reflector diameter, but it’s head looks like 185mm. The SP70 head should be 190.

Yes, the candela seems a bit low. I was hoping to get 1000 meters. I do not not know why it’s only 800 meters.

I do know the SP70 reflector is about 15mm shorter than normal (when compared against a scaled up L6 reflector) I’m sure that’s part of it.

The head’s diameter of MF02(S) is about 84mm and the reflector’s Internal Diameter is about 72mm.
The first SP70’s prototype reflector wasn’t very good, the reflector ID should be (ideally) the same as the bezel ID. Glad that it was improved on the current one.

Ah, I hadn’t even noticed. It does look like they made the reflector inner diameter a few mm larger. There’s less wasted space.

Its comming together good. I will slice the dome and do spring bypass and shorten the centering ring. Should push up the candela a bit.

Spring bypass should not be necessary. It is planned to have double stacked BeCu springs.

The modders among us are happy already because they can do the fine-tuning afterwards, but for the rest of the world it would be nice if Sofirn does it right all the way and make the SP70 b.a. in stock form.

Sofirn :+1:

> Who owns the factory?

Yeah, I googled that too. But it doesn’t say whether it’s owned by the factory workers, by stockholders, by the Party, or by some shell corporation that just bumps the ownership question up a level.

Imagine if there were a Chinese flashlight factory that people using the product could become partial owners of, buying stock ….

That is hilarious! :D I guess everybody owns everything; isn't that "communism"? :THUMBS-UP:

Sofirn just gave me the results of their slightly OP reflector. This is using their 21700 batteries.

148Kcd and 769 meters

As a reminder, their SMO was:
160Kcd and 800 meters

So the slight OP is only 31 meters less.

Let’s just get the OP reflector then.

If I’m interpreting their charts correctly:

New SMO refl. - 160Kcd 800 meters
New Slight OP - 148Kcd 769 meters
New Heavy OP - 129Kcd 718 meters
Original OP - 127Kcd 712 meters

I’m trying to verify how they measure the lux. They got about 500 meters for their Sofirn Q8, whereas I measured 692 meters on mine. Maybe their technique is a bit off.

Throw numbers seem low for the size of the head but Sofirn’s numbers are sometimes on the low side like with the lumen spec for the C8F 18650. Sofirn should send you all of the different reflectors for review/test when they have a final prototype.